Animal Keeper Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 19, 2022

Most successful interviews are based on well-written cover letters for Animal Keeper Resume.

Because employers choose to interview candidates that send a well-structured cover letter and resume for the animal keeper position, it is no wonder that a lot of candidates with high experience and well-honed skills do not get job offers.

Animal Keeper Job Overview

Animal keepers are usually employed by zoos, veterinary hospitals, wildlife parks, and other private and government organizations.

They are accountable for keeping the animals clean and healthy as well as guiding visitors accordingly.

These well-informed workers are passionate about animals and are dedicated to enlightening the public and supporters of animal security.

As an animal keeper, you must stay abreast of the most up-to-date advances in the breeding, atmosphere, and health concerns of the group for which you care.

Animal Keeper Salary

The average salary of an animal keeper ranges between 10-15 US$.

The following example cover letter for an animal keeper job has the potential to win an interview.

Animal Keeper Resume Cover Letter Example

William Shatner
656 Scott Drive
Cocoa, FL 88838
(000) 820-8547

September 19, 2022

Mr. Alfred Simpson
HR Director
Florida Zoo
Yaupon Holly Drive
Cocoa, FL 99992

Dear Mr. Simpson:

Nothing makes an animal lover happier than working with animals and getting paid for it! Since I have a natural talent for getting along with animals and the love that is needed to look after them, I am confident that I am the person you are looking for to fill the job of Animal Keeper at the Florida Zoo.

I am a strong candidate for this job because I am highly skilled in preparing special diets for animals, cleaning animal cages, service, and holding areas, observing animals for health and welfare, reporting births, deaths, and injuries, and managing daily reports.

Additionally, I have a demonstrated ability to train animals for basic husbandry and enrichment behaviors and assist in health procedures that are an essential part of animal care. Since I have worked in this capacity for almost a decade now, I am quite qualified to answer visitors’ questions about animals and animal behavior, and I am also trained in providing veterinary doctors with assistance with surgical procedures as and when required.

Moreover, I believe that a candidate that works with animals just as an everyday mundane job can never do the job compared to one who loves animals as I do. My resume will provide you with information on all the skills that I have acquired working with different animals under diverse circumstances.

I would like to meet with you in person to discuss my credentials in detail. I am available at (000) 820-8547 if you wish to speak to me. I appreciate your time and consideration in looking through this letter.


William Shatner

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