2 Welding Apprentice Resume Samples

Updated on: April 1, 2022

In order to build an effective resume for a welding apprenticeship position, you need to focus on your skills and qualifications.

You may possess all the skills the employer needs, but if you do not communicate those effectively, the employer won’t be able to see the true value you’ll be bringing to the organization.

The following is a sample resume for a welding apprentice for your guidance.

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Welding Apprentice Resume Sample 1

Harris Guilford
491 Derek Drive
Mandan, ND 56090 
(000) 555-2874
[email protected]


A competent and tactful individual seeking a welding apprenticeship at ABC Company where my knowledge of welding and fabrication will be used to outperform in a fast-paced environment. Proficient in operating hand tools, using appropriate measuring instruments, reading blueprints, and interpreting welding symbols. Eager to learn new concepts and take directions.


  • Metal Parts Dressing
  • Thermal Cutting
  • Gap Allowance Inspection
  • Tank Lining
  • Blazing and Torch Ignition
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Arc Cutting
  • Metallurgy
  • Tolerance Assessment
  •  TIG/MIG
  • Stick Welding 


Welder Apprentice
TESORO Mandan Refinery, Mandan, ND
Nov 2021 – Present
Key Responsibilities
• Weld components and assemblies using electric, arc, or gas welding equipment as per instruction.
• Carry out hydrostatic and x-ray dimension tests on welding materials to assess weld quality.
• Secure parts as per specification effectively using a straightedge, combination squares, and calipers.
• Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead position as needed.
Welding Helper
Tradesmen International, Mandan, ND 
Sep 2020 – Nov 2021
• Assisted in moving workpieces, equipment, and supplies by hand truck.
• Clamped workpieces into jigs or positions as directed.
• Assisted the journeyman in welding, brazing, and arc cutting assignments.

Associate of Science in Welding Technology
Mandan Technical College, Mandan, ND

Welding Apprentice Resume Sample 2

James Swift
9-3110 Olive Ave
Hope well, VA 39190
(000) 222-1111

Adaptable and results-driven welder, particularly effective in cutting and welding steel beams, beveling pipe, tapping mains, and sleeves. Technically trained to weld low-stress level pipes and sensitive gas equipment. Bilingual: English and French. CDL Holder.

– Journeyman Assistance
– Arc Welding
– Component Welding
– Scrap Metal Handling
– Parts Assembling
– Combination Square
– Tank Lining
– OPS (192)
– Straightedge
– Calipers and Ruler
– Cutting Torch
– Shrinkage Welding

– Successfully installed a drainage system worth $25000 with minimal supervision and extensive study of the manual.
– Enhanced welding quality by 50% through proactive implementation of precision measurement techniques and tools.
– Analyzed various engineering drawings to interpret the welding work required and produced accurate estimates.
– Implemented general welding safety regulations at the workplace and promoted a culture of workplace safety by practicing all state-issued welding safety guidelines to book.


Welding Apprentice
Heavy Metal Works, Hope well, VA
May 2019 – Present
– Set up, adjust, and operate welding equipment.
– Perform pipe fittings to close tolerance, and interpret drawings and symbols.
– Take appropriate measurements, and observe hydrostatic and x-ray tests on welded surfaces while maintaining a neat, clean and safe work area.

Journeyman Volunteer
MidAmerican Energy, Hope well, VA
Jan 2019 – May 2019
– Laid out fabric pipe and fittings, welded metal joints as required including components in flat, horizontal and overhead positions based on instructions.
– Learned and applied acquired techniques in metallurgy, geometry, and welding

High School Diploma
Some School, Hope well, VA