Pipefitter Apprentice Resume Sample

Updated on: July 14, 2021

People applying for pipefitting apprentice positions often find it hard to write resumes that will genuinely depict their capabilities.

However, it is essential that you make yourself an obvious choice to be hired at this level – all your learning and job-related grooming will be done at this point, and you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Since you are technically at a learning stage (if you are applying for an apprenticeship position), you need to be overly enthusiastic when you create your resume.

When you fail to sound enthusiastic about the job, you risk losing out on opportunities – interviews!

Having established that writing a resume is hard work at this stage, you need to be extremely careful in how you organize your content. You cannot possibly write content that is watery or fails to deliver what it is that you want to say. Success is a given if you elaborate on your skills for the job and the fact that you are here to learn and contribute – from the very first day.

Applying for an apprenticeship will require you to write a resume that thoroughly outlines you as a professional.

Here is a sample that you can use:

Pipefitter Apprentice Resume Sample

Graham Ronaldo
5562 Hidden Lake Drive
Stafford, VA 87854
(000) 102-4574
grahamronald @email .com


An enthusiastic individual who has a thorough understanding of laying out, fabricating, assembling, and installing carbon and stainless steel pipes according to set drawings and blueprints. Able to test, inspect and dismantle high and low-pressure piping for air, gas, and steam modules.

• Cutting and beveling pipes utilizing a variety of hand and powered tools.
• Measuring pipes according to set length under fabrication specifications.
• Calculating dimensions and radii of bends to ensure conformance to length and width requirements.
• Creating and sealing various types of joints such as expansion, flange, and union.

• Repair and Maintenance
• Gasket Installation
• Pipe Welding
• Insulation
• Equipment Maintenance
• Joint Testing
• Safety Protocols
• Stainless Tubing
• Leak Testing

High School Diploma


(2/2021 to 7/2021)
Shop Class Assistant
• Assisted in selecting the type and sizes of pipes and related materials and equipment.
• Planned better sequences on the installation of pipes for class demonstrations.
• Assembled and installed metal and non-metal pipes and pipe fittings.
• Provided support to the instructor in securing pipes to structures using brackets.
• Assisted in testing pipe systems for leaks by observing gauges.

Excellent professional references are available.