2 Welder Fabricator Resume Samples

Updated on: September 10, 2022

In order to apply for a welder/fabricator position, you will need to write a great resume.

In your resume, add information about your qualifications and relevant experiences. Your focus should be on writing a resume that persuades the recruiter to invite you to an interview.

Concentrate on listing your work experience and achievements.

Also, tailor the content of your resume as per the requirements of the employer.

Proofread your resume several times before sending it.

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Welder Fabricator Resume Sample 1

Duke Dayton
9 Air Road, Arlington Heights, IL 22356
(000) 123-3432


Highly skilled welder/fabricator, with over 9 years of experience in laying out and constructing the metal framework. Unmatched ability to read, interpret, and build from construction drawings. Highly experienced in measuring, cutting, and bending steel components for construction purposes.

Blueprints Interpretation |Measuring & Cutting
Equipment Operations | Scenic Transfers Oversight
Metal Fabrication | Positioning & Fitting


The Armored Group, Arlington Heights, IL
Sep 2016 – Present
• Design, fabricate and join metals using various methods
• Look through design specifications and blueprints
• Evaluate engineering drawings to determine specifications
• Perform welding work by using the right equipment and tools
• Design and produce new parts as required
• Analyze diagrams and perform cutting and fabrication work accordingly
• Monitor equipment to ensure appropriate usage and temperature
• Operate specialized machines to perform welding and fabrication work
• Trim metal components by safely using fire, heat, and electricity
• Take apart large pieces, and perform repairing work
• Ensure that work safety procedures and protocols are properly followed
• Participate in scenic transfers to ensure appropriate movement of metal objects and machines

ABC Company, Arlington Heights, IL
May 2011-Sep 2016
• Cleared work areas by removing debris and hazardous objects
• Oversaw delivery of equipment and tools to work areas
• Assisted in performing welding work, by holding metal together
• Layout the right supplies and equipment for each project
• Assisted in cutting, shaping, and fitting metal objects according to drawings

High School Diploma
Arlington Heights High School, Arlington Heights, IL – 2010

Welder Fabricator Resume Example 2

Jack Copperfield
100 Seaton Avenue
Greenup, KY 19204
(000) 852-1212


• Hardworking fabricator welder with 9+ years of experience in welding and fabricating specifications and symbols
• Demonstrated ability to operate manual and semi-automatic welding equipment and ensure continued use of hands and arms in precarious positions.
• Well-versed in monitoring fitting, burning, and welding processes to avoid warping and shrinking
• Expert in examining workpieces for defects and measuring them with straightedges and templates for standards conformance
• Familiar with laying out, positioning, aligning, and securing parts and assemblies using calipers, combination squares, and rulers
• Functional knowledge of welding components in flat, vertical, and overhead positions

– Materials Conformance – Metal Fabrication 
– Automated Cutting – Blueprints Reading
– Layout Planning – Manual Thermal Cutting 
– Drill Press – Dimension Determination
– Schematics- Flux Cored Arc Welding

• Implemented process routing and schematics for installation of components for three projects simultaneously.
• Introduced computer diagnostic and emission testing equipment which resulted in increased efficiency.
• Trained 15 new hires in handling preventative maintenance tasks on welding / fabricating machines.
• Chosen to “road test” new fabricating equipment, owing to the exceptional understanding of new technology.


HYPOWER, Greenup, KY | 2018 – Present
• Read blueprints and determine measurements for layouts
• Prepare surfaces for welding purposes and design custom components
• Fabricate, weld, and install components such as arrow band mounts, emergency light mount brackets, and toolbox mount brackets
• Handle layout work using jigs/fixtures and hand layouts to rework finished products
• Work alongside fitters to assist in fabricating and welding multi-component parts
• Position, align and fit pieces to form complete units and subunits and weld them according to instructions provided
• Tighten braces, jacks, clamps, ropes, and bold straps in position to perform welding or riveting work
• Set up, operate, and perform preventative and general maintenance on machineries, such as brakes, rolls, shears, and flame cutters
• Straighten warped or bent parts by using sleds and hand torches
• Assist in erecting scaffolding and ladders to fit large assemblies

Welder Apprentice
SOME COMPANY, Greenup, KY | 2016 – 2018
• Prepared workpieces according to specific assembly instructions
• Fabricated frameworks for machinery, ovens, tanks, and stacks
• Assembled structural metal products and positioned parts and subassemblies
• Ensured that all parts are fitted and screwed properly
• Performed general and preventative maintenance on welding / fabricating machinery and tools

Diploma in Welding and Metal Fabrication