Pipe Welder Resume Sample

Updated on: November 10, 2016

Why should you be hired for pipe welder position and not the dozens of others who have applied with you? What sets you apart from the rest of applicants? What have you done special? What you can deliver that others cannot?

Tough questions! Many people have been doing the same thing and some have perhaps done it better than you. Yet, you need to keep your eyes on the prize i.e. the job you are applying for. How is that to be done? Simple. It’s all in the way you present yourself in your resume. Keep your competencies and accomplishments relevant to the prospective employer’s needs. Provide sufficient information of your abilities that will be beneficial for prospective company.

Take a look at the following resume sample for pipe welder position, noticing how details have been organized:


Pipe Welder Resume Sample


Hugh Rhys

5338 Baza Ave ● Woodland Hills ● CA 91364 ● (000) 142-7454 ● hughrhys @ email . com


Performance Summary: Results-oriented Pipe Welder with 9-plus-year verifiable track record. Known for consistent quality and safe work practices during pipe fittings and welding. Safely handles titanium, cast-iron and other metal pipes used for oil and gas lines and for drains and sewers. Proven competencies in determining which weld to use based on metal type and circumstances in which pipes are to be used.


• Quality Assurance • Rigging • Annealing
• Laser Welding • Eddy Current Testing • 3 D Visualizing
• Beveling • 6G Welding and Testing • Oxy-fuel Welding
• Safety Regulations • Hand and Power Tools • Measurement and Cutting


Pipe Welder
VENTURE DYNAMICS, Woodland Hills, CA (6/2013 – Present)

• Repair pipes at a filtration plant, minimizing leakage by 100% and completing the task in a timely and professional manner as well as averting a possibly disastrous situation
• Construct a piping system by personally performing all pre-welding tasks for stainless steel and carbon pipes that ensure 100% safety
• Manage piping fit-ups of existing and new piping systems on ships in all stages of repair and modernization
• Cut, torch and weld metal surfaces using top of the line stick, TIG, MIG welders, engine drives, CNC cutting systems and plasma cutting systems.
• Perform weld processes on both ferrous and non-ferrous material in the shop and onboard the ship
• Interpret blueprint data and plan lay-outs in accordance to specifications, in keeping with quality and safe work practices
• In charge of ordering and maintaining cutting and welding tools to make sure they work at all times as defined by safety standards and procedures

Pipe Welder
GYT CO, Woodland Hills, CA (8/2008 – 6/2013)

• Completed 1200 hours of on-the-job pipe-fitting training and passed “A” class on the pipe fitter’s test
• Cleaned pipes regularly to minimize the need for maintenance and cost of repairs
• Measured, cut and thread pipes to various diameters from ½” through 42” pipeline and stock up for emergency repairs and fittings
• Performed simple pipe installations using a gas-shielded arc along with welding equipment to weld pipes, plates and structural steel
• Cut wall, ceiling and floor openings in order to attach, assemble, weld and solder pipes to structures and fixtures

Welder Apprentice
GYT CO, Woodland Hills, CA (3/2006 – 8/2008)

• Bolted, clamped and welded (horizontally and overhead) metal components of plates, pipes and tubes, using arc gas welding equipment
• Kept work area waste free and stowed materials and equipment in an orderly manner
• Installed and tested pipes according to specifications and cleaned weld joints using portable grinder and chemical bath
• Repaired leaks and filled holes and cracks; also removed defective weld material and slag using carbon arc gouge and power chipper
• Maintained tools and assisted in positioning and securing work pieces during installations


Associate of Science in Welding Technology – 2005
Woodland Technical College, Woodland Hills, CA

• Recognized as best volunteer at College for providing assistance and demonstrations to pipe-welding students, over a period of 2 years, of industry standard welds and repairs.