Welding Apprentice Resume Example

Although all sections of a Welding Apprentice Resume are important, performance summary and key accomplishments are two sections where you can really sell your candidacy.

To build an awesome and effective resume for welding apprenticeship, you need to focus on the above-mentioned sections.

Candidates often go blank when they reach the accomplishments section.

What you need to understand is that it does not claim something out of this world. It’s just whatever you did above your regular responsibilities that you can make count here. Anything extra you did that was beneficial for the firm can be placed here.

Another consideration in resume writing is tailoring.; i.e., customize the resume to fit the job.

You may possess all the skills the employer needs, but if you do not communicate those effectively, the employer won’t be able to see the true value you’ll be bringing to the organization.

Following is a sample resume for welding apprentice for your guidance.

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Welding Apprentice Resume Sample



Harris Guilford

491 Derek Drive | Mandan, ND 56090 | (006) 555-4444 | harris@email.com

A competent and tactful individual seeking a welding apprenticeship, utilizing knowledge of welding and fabrication.

Demonstrated maturity to perform well in a fast-paced environment. Successful in operating hand tools, using appropriate measuring instruments, reading blueprints and interpreting welding symbols. Eager to learn new concepts and take directions from seniors.


● Metal Parts Dressing● Thermal Cutting● Gap Allowance Inspection
● Tank Lining● Blazing● Torch Ignition
● Hydrostatic Testing● Arc Cutting● Metallurgy
● Valve Installment● Tolerance Assessment● Instruments Operation
● TIG/MIG● Stick Welding● Flux Core

• Conceived and developed three templates to hold and align metal parts
• Demonstrated advanced knowledge of metallurgy, geometry and welding techniques to evaluate weld quality, enhancing overall client satisfaction by 30%
• Removed very old rough spots from assigned workpieces in record-breaking time using portable grinders, hand files, and scrapers
• Won the ‘Most Dedicated Apprentice’ title in 2017


Welder Apprentice
TESORO Mandan Refinery, Mandan, ND                            2017 – Present
• Weld components and assemblies using electric, arc or gas welding equipment as per instruction
• Carryout hydrostatic and x-ray dimension tests on welding materials to assess weld quality
• Secure parts as per specification effectively using a straightedge, combination squares and calipers
• Weld components in flat, vertical or overhead position as needed

Welding Helper
Tradesmen International, Mandan, ND                             2015 – 2017
• Assisted in moving workpieces, equipment, and supplies by hand truck
• Clamped workpieces into jigs or positions as directed
• Assisted the journeyman in welding, blazing and arc cutting assignments

Associate of Science in Welding Technology
Mandan Technical College, Mandan, ND

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