Boilermaker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 16, 2021

Before writing a cover letter draft to accompany your resume for a boilermaker position, consider yourself at the employer’s place for a while and ask yourself what kind of cover letter are you looking for?

The answer will be a clear, short, to-the-point letter that introduces the candidate and communicates what the candidate can do for the firm.

Attempt to cater to all these requirements in your boilermaker cover letter.

Grammatical or spelling mistakes in your letter are sure to lead your resume to the ‘discarded’ pile. Therefore it is imperative to proofread your cover letter. Also, one can always ask a friend to go through the letter for double-checking.

Your boilermaker cover letter must be a personalized presentation of your qualifications. What you mention in it must be backing up the information in your resume rather than repeating the same.

Sample Cover Letter for Boilermaker Position

Sean Carter
2702 Paoli Pike, New Albany, IN
(007) 666-3333
Sean @ email. com

March 16, 2021

Mr. Jason Ridge
HR Manager
Zachery Holdings
231 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47003

Dear Mr. Ridge:

This letter is a keen expression of interest in the Boiler Maker position at Zachery Holdings. 5+ years of experience in boiler fitting and repairing, proficiency in TIG welding works, knowledge of FRA safety guidelines, and formal training in CAD blueprints inscription are only a few of the many strengths I am eager to bring.

I have a proven record of disassembling, cutting, repairing, and building boiler tanks, working safely and effectively with hand and power tools, including acetylene torches as a routine procedure. Being well versed in measuring accurately, I can conduct parts alignment expertly and translate CAD/CAM-based blueprint boiler designs. These skills, in combination with superb boiler assembling dexterity and functional knowledge of welding/soldering techniques, could be utilized productively at Zachery Holdings in the capacity of a senior boilermaker.

My detailed resume is attached for your consideration. The time you invest in scanning my resume will pay off. I plan to call your office after a few days to implore the possibility of an interview in which I could answer any queries you may have about my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sean Carter

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