Amazon Sorter Job Description

Updated on November 11, 2017

Position Overview

Working at Amazon is a dream come true for many people. Starting out your career as a sorter or picker may be just what the doctor ordered!

A sorter working at Amazon wears many hats – he or she is expected to receive incoming shipments, open packages, sort out items according to predefined procedures, and ensure that all packing and labeling activities for outgoing shipments are properly handled.

Position Requirements

There are no formal education requirements to work as a sorter at Amazon. However, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is necessary to possess if this is the work that you want to do. Excellent communication skills, the ability to deduce effectively, and exceptional physical agility is required to work at this position.

Moreover, if you want to pick up a career as a sorter at amazon, you will need to be exceptionally well-versed in handling warehouse work. Contrary to popular belief, working in a warehouse is not easy, especially if it is a giant like Amazon. One has to be exceptionally good at handling storage issues, and ensuring that the right item is picked, sorted, and packed for the customer.

Sorters working for Amazon are required to handle inventory as well – while they may not be entirely responsible for it, they are expected to oversee stock levels, and communicate low stock levels to their managers. A list of duties particular to the position of an Amazon sorter is provided below:


Amazon Sorter Duties and Responsibilities


• Receive incoming shipments, and compare them with provided work orders.

• Ascertain that all incoming shipments are safely unloaded and moved to assigned storage areas.

• Open all incoming packages, and sort them out according to their sizes, batch numbers, and types.

• Make arrangements for incoming shipments to be moved to assigned storage areas, ensuring that they are properly stored.

• Refer to work orders to determine the type and quantity of items to be retrieved, and ensure that they are timely picked.

• Move picked items to the packing area, ensuring that they are properly and securely packed and labeled with pertinent information.

• Ascertain that packed and labeled items are moved to the delivery areas, and assist loaders in placing them onto awaiting vehicles.

• Stack items in the delivery truck in a manner that they are secure, and ensure that fragile items are carefully handled.

• Make arrangements for paperwork to be sent along with all outgoing shipments.

• Maximize storage space within the warehouse area, by carefully and strategically moving items.

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