Order Selector Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated December 19, 2020
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Order Selector Job Description

Order selectors or order pickers do precisely as their designations suggest – they select orders. Order selectors work primarily in warehouse environments and are not usually in direct contact with customers.

They receive requests from their superiors, ensure that they understand what needs to be “picked” from the storage area, and then make sure that it is delivered to the delivery pallet.

It may seem as if the work or an order selector is simple; in fact, it is quite complicated since much is dependent on the correctness of the order picking procedure.

It is true that order selectors pick the correct item and delivers it to the delivery place from where it is loaded onto the delivery vehicle, but the accuracy of the order needs to be taken into account before this procedure can come to a successful end.

It is the responsibility of an order selector to ensure that the selected item corresponds to the order specifications and that both quantity and quality are correct.

They need to match the work order with the specified item to do this and make sure that any damaged items are reported immediately and removed from storage.

While an order selector rarely comes in contact with customers, it is still essential for him to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

Let us have a look at the complete list of duties and responsibilities an order selector needs to perform on a daily basis.

Sample Job Duties for Order Selector Resume

• Take orders from the supervisor through the telephone or order slip

• Ensure that telephonic requests are written down and repeated to omit chances of errors

• Read and re-read order slips to ensure accuracy

• Select items per order slip and recheck for accuracy

• Make sure that the pulled article is the correct one and is free of any damage

• Lift object physically or with the use of a forklift in case of bulky items and transport them to the delivery bay

• Make sure that the item is appropriately sealed and labeled following the order slip and item number

• Assist in loading delivery truck using hands or forklift

• Inform superior about each dispatched package via telephone

• Receive incoming deliveries of items and ensure that they are stocked in the storage room according to size and type

• Label incoming items as instructed

• Inform superiors of any damaged items and make notes of the type and extent

• Ensure that voice pick systems are maintained properly

• Maintain the cleanliness and order of the warehouse

• Manage records of incoming shipments and outgoing shipments in the company database


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