Order Selector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 23, 2023

In the order selector job search process, it is a common misconception that a cover letter is never read.

In fact, a cover letter has a better chance of being read than a resume, because the former is less cumbersome to navigate. However, a cover letter can also be rejected because of the way it is created – relevant information and sufficient white space go a long way in making a cover letter successful.

What goes into an Order Selector cover letter to make it absolutely perfect?

Let’s not aim for perfection here – a well-written cover letter will suffice. This means that when you write a cover letter, you need to make sure that it has all the information that a hiring manager requires. Anything extra needs to be taken out immediately.

Your main focus when writing a cover letter should be to provide a hiring manager with information about your skills, qualifications, and achievements, as they relate to the job.

Here is a sample for you to go through:

Order Selector Cover Letter Example

Vera Gosling
52 Wentworth Street, Reno, NV 25140
(000) 925-8597
vera @ email . com

May 23, 2023

Mr. Harrison Lord
Human Resource Manager
Ace Works Inc.
600 Sierra Highland Avenue
Reno, NV 99540

Dear Mr. Lord:

Working in large warehouses that have high-end order selection and dispatch needs is my forte. Having worked in one of the largest warehouses in the state, I am sure that my experience and exposure will come in handy on a great scale if I am hired as an Order Selector as part of the team at Ace Works Inc.

Let me take you through a short journey of my career. As a committed individual who has had wide-ranging exposure to working in a busy warehouse environment, I know all there is to know about warehouse operations with respect to order selection, packing, and shipping.

At my previous place of work, I was commended for my contribution to devising an efficient labeling system, which contributed highly to the way labeling and shipping were handled. My skills in using technology to determine exact item locations, and operating forklifts to transport large items are excellent. Moreover, I am a pro at creating shipping documents, using predefined company systems.

I am positive that your organization will consider me an asset, owing to my ability to learn quickly and contribute immediately. Hoping to further connect with you, I will contact you soon to arrange an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Vera Gosling
(000) 364-6521