Forklift Driver Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 26, 2021
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Forklift Driver Job Description

Working primarily in a warehouse capacity, forklift drivers perform many tasks by operating forklifts.

On a typical workday, forklift drivers load and unload materials onto pallets. It is their responsibility to make sure that they deliver materials in a safe and time-efficient manner, which is why many employers insist that forklift drivers obtain forklift certification before hiring them.

Forklift drivers work closely with order pullers to perform their job; they accompany order pullers and assist them by loading heavy materials onto their forklifts and delivering them to the shipment pallet.

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Job Duties for Forklift Driver Resume

• Inspect forklift to ensure that it is in proper working order before each shift

• Operate forklifts to check levers and controls at the beginning of each shift

• Perform maintenance on forklifts on a regular basis to ensure correct working order

• Ensure that forklifts have sufficient fuel each day

• Confer with supervisors and order pullers to comprehend daily work tasks

• Accompany order pullers to storage areas and assist them in locating ordered items

• Calculate how to operate a forklift by keeping in mind the position of the item to be picked

• Load picked items from storage areas and stack them neatly on the forklift by keeping weight limitations in check

• Drive forklifts to designated parking areas and unload items

• Reload packed items onto forklifts and drive to the shipment or delivery pallets

• Unload items on the shipping or delivery pallets by following safety protocols

• Ensure item accuracy by referring to pulling orders and batch numbers

• Work with order pullers to ensure that the correct quantity of items has been picked and delivered

• Report any damaged items (or those damaged during the delivery procedure) to supervisors

• Keep appropriate records of inventory of items

• Ensure that items delivered to the shipment pallet are neatly stacked in the delivery vehicle

• Provide delivery truck drivers with item information and give safety instructions

Forklift Driver Job Eligibility Criteria

There is no formal education requirement for the position of a forklift driver, although some employers require high school diplomas at the very least. 

Forklift Driver License and Training

An essential prerequisite for this position is a license to operate a forklift.

To become eligible for the position of a forklift driver, you need to pass a test to get licensed.

During training, you will be provided with instructions on using levers on a forklift and understanding the controls.

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