Veterinary Nurse Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 17, 2019

A veterinary nurse is a licensed professional who is required to assist the vet doctor with consultations and procedures.

They provide support by preparing pets for procedures and surgeries and assisting with medication administering procedures.


There are many duties that a veterinary nurse is expected to perform which may include carrying out individualized nursing plans for different types of pets and holding them down during procedures.

Based on the veterinary doctor’s instructions, a veterinary nurse may be expected to assist with surgical procedures and give injections as well. Veterinary nurses also carry out minor procedures on their own such as removing stitches and administering vaccines.

When applying for a position as a vet nurse, you are supposed to include a cover letter with your job application set.

A good cover letter for Vet Nurse needs to be a short and to-the-point document that needs to draw attention to your relevant nursing skills and expertise in such a way that a hiring manager is convinced you’re the exact choice for this position.

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Veterinary Nurse Cover Letter Sample


Corrine Malcolm

6739 Featherstone Drive ● Saint Paul, MN
(000) 214-9656
[email protected]

March 17, 2019

Mr. Gary Sheffield
Veterinary Doctor
Pets and Vets
611 Division Street
Saint Paul, MN 63890


Dear Mr. Sheffield:

This letter is to express my interest in your posting on for a Veterinary Nurse.

Throughout my three years’ professional experience as a Veterinary Nurse, I have been recognized as a person who “gets the job done.” Over the years, I developed a reputation of a perfectionist with keen insight of veterinary procedures and a “way with animals.” Putting this on the table along with genuine concern for the well-being of animals, I offer my resume in anticipation of working at Pets and Vets.

I am not squeamish by nature which I believe to be the biggest asset when working in emergency situations. As required, I am trained in taking and developing x-rays and can administer medication and injections as instructed. Since I have worked with a zoo previously, I am well acquainted with most types of animals and how to restrain them without hurting them.

I recognize the need for an objective attitude when performing euthanasia and I have the knowledge which is necessary to perform the procedure to prevent suffering. Moreover, I have a particular interest in laboratory testing procedures and am quite conversant with taking samples and testing them on modern laboratory equipment.

As is evident from my experiences, I am passionate about animal welfare and have dedicated my life to ensuring animal health and well being. I would welcome the opportunity to share the expertise that I have acquired during the years with you and anticipate meeting with you in person to discuss the possibility of being part of your team.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Corrine Malcolm

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