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Updated on October 15, 2018


Your resume for RN position summaries your relevant experience, education, and qualifications. Similarly, the RN cover letter complements your resume.

A good Registered Nurse cover letter has the capacity to move your job application from the first desk to the interview pile. Hence, put your maximum effort to craft a compelling RN resume cover letter.

In the RN cover letter, mention your nursing experiences and accomplishments. Just saying that you are a ‘Registered Nurse’ will not qualify you for an interview.

Tell them that how you can utilize your specific nursing skills to achieve the patient care targets of the facility.

Because a Registered Nurse can be a degree nurse (BSN or MSN) as well as a diploma nurse (without licensure and training). Therefore, you should mention your level of education to qualify for some organizations.

RN Cover Letter Format

Ideally, a cover letter for RN resume consists of 3 to 4 paragraphs.

Opening paragraph

• First, Specify the position title for which you are applying for, that is to say, a Registered Nurse.

• In addition, mention the source from where you heard about the position.

• Above all, state your interest in working with a specific healthcare setting.

Second and Third Paragraphs

• In fact, these paragraphs consist of the main body of your cover letter.

• In these paragraphs, explicitly mention your most relevant skills, experiences, and attributes as a Registered Nurse.

• Specifically, explain how you could use your experiences and knowledge to contribute to their facility.

Last paragraph

• Reaffirm your enthusiasm as well as interest to work for them specifically.

• Mention your possible follow-up steps together with your contact information.

Registered Nurse RN Cover Letter Samples

Three Registered Nurses are discussing a report.

The following are two excellent cover letter samples for a Registered Nurse Resume.


RN Cover Letter Sample 1 (Experienced)


Sara Chris
222 Niagara Street West, London, ON S8D 3C3
(000) 955-2970

October 15, 2018

Mr. John Doe
Hospital Administrator
Community Hospital
111 West Road
Vaughan, ON A8Q 3E9


Dear Mr. Doe:

Your posting for a Registered Nurse on indicated requirements that match my experiences and skills. My compassionate nature, passion for the well-being of patients, in addition to eight years of progressively responsible experience in the nursing profession makes me a perfect fit.

During my work as an RN with different busy healthcare facilities, I successfully handled different kinds of challenges and emergencies. This experience enabled me to develop expertise in advanced patient care as well as the ability to manage the nursing staff accordingly. Likewise, I am able to provide general nursing care, administer medications, and treat patients in keeping with nursing standards and protocols.

Specifically, the following are some of the many areas of my expertise:

✓ Assessing the condition of patients
✓ Recording medical histories together with symptoms
✓ Observing patients as well as recording the same
✓ Administering medicines and treatments
✓ Setting up patient care plans
✓ Managing the flow of patients
✓ Preparing patients for the checkup
✓ Providing continuous bedside care
✓ Giving instructions to the nursing staff

Furthermore, my exceptional ability to assist physicians during examination and treatment, and talent to observe, record, and report the patient’s condition is praised by supervisors many times. Besides, I am known for maintaining treatment areas in a safe, organized, and clean manner.

Owing to my strong work ethic and a keen sense of urgency, I would be able to achieve the highest level of patients comfort at Community Hospital.

My resume is attached for your consideration. I will call your office next week so as to set up an interview date and time. If you need any additional information in the interim, please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.




Sara Chris
(000) 955-2970
Attachment: Resume


RN Cover Letter Sample 2 (Entry Level)


325 5th Street West
Dallas, TX 21666

October 15, 2018

Ms. Anna Jackson
Hiring Manager
Metrocare Services
2140 Some Street
Dallas, TX 21401


Dear Mr. Doe:

Your recent posting for a Registered Nurse fits my education, qualifications, and career interests. Subsequently, I am writing to express my interest in the opportunity. Owing to my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, current RN Licensure, and RN externship experience, I would be able to contribute to your nursing team.

The following are some of my key attributes, which make me a perfect contender:

✓ Competent at assessing, planning, executing and evaluating patient care plans.

✓ Well-versed in recording medical histories and symptoms.

✓ Committed to providing the maximum level of care and comfort to patients.

✓ Adept at observing patients, as well as operating and monitoring medical equipment.

✓ Particularly effective in teaching patients and families in order to manage illnesses or injuries effectively.

Above all, I have a proven ability to look after patients from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The attached resume details my nursing skills and qualifications.

As a fresh and enthusiastic Registered Nurse, I would like to meet with you in order to discuss my qualifications and your needs in detail. I’ll call you next week to follow-up on my application in addition to setting up an interview date. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 658-2141.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sincerely yours,

Sara Chris


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In fact, a Registered Nurse Cover Letter is one of the most critical documents in your portfolio. Therefore, you have to make the most of your writing skills in order to make it an exceptional piece of writing.

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