Vet assistants provide both medical and clerical support to veterinary doctors in a clinical or hospital environment. They are hired to perform many jobs such as assisting in restraining animals and handling the administration end of a facility such as pet admission and pet owner education.

Many facilities hire vet assistance for the sole purpose of handling the front desk while others may want them to assist with procedures as well. While vet assistants are not required to perform many medical procedures, they are expected to handle minor ones such as administering medication and dressing wounds. Vet assistants greet pet owners as they arrive at the facility, take information regarding pets, enter information in the database and provide pet owners with education on medical procedures. They also schedule appointments for vaccinations and medical or surgical procedures and help veterinary doctors with these procedures.

One of the main prerequisites for applying for a vet assistant’s job is love for animals. This is the first thing a prospective employer will look at when he see your resume. If you can successfully depict your love and respect for animals and some experience of handling the clerical and administrative demands of a veterinary facility, you may just bag the job! You can provide this information to a potential employer by writing a potent employment objective. Have a look at the following examples!

Vet Assistant Resume Objective Examples

• Energetic and client-focused individual looking for a Vet Assistant position with Pets and Vets. Offers strong knowledge of assisting veterinarians, educating clients and determining vaccines.

• To work as a Vet Assistant for Sava Animal Care where working knowledge of pet care, post operative procedures, medicine administration and front desk work can be used for the smooth functioning of the facility.

• Seeking a position as a Vet Assistant with ABC Clinic where inherent love for animals and focus on their physical and mental wellbeing can be utilized to provide excellence in healthcare services.

• Desire a Vet Assistant position at Chloe’s Pet Care. Offering exceptional knowledge of handling the administration demands of the front desk of a pet care facility along with experience in assisting with surgical procedures.

• To obtain a position as a Vet Assistant with the Claire Animal Hospital using background in working in a support role in a similar environment by providing benefit of inborn love for animals and exceptional administration skills.