Animal Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions about animal technician resumes is that they can include anything that your heart desires.

While the word resume may literally mean “biodata”, you certainly cannot write your personal life history in it.

Stick only to your relevant skills and experiences when writing an Animal Technician resume.

The following animal technician resume sample tells you how to do this.

Animal Technician Resume Example

Agatha Perdue
738 Hamlett Drive
Nashua, NH 45252
(000) 999-9999
agperd @ email . com


Hardworking and ready to outperform.

Passionate animal technician with 9 years of progressively responsible experience in handling animals diligently and operating lab animal sanitation equipment responsibly. Documented success in accurately and appropriately caring for and feeding animals in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. A compassionate individual who has an inherent concern for the safety and well-being of animals.

• Able to observe animal behavior and report deviations from normal conditions to the supervisor.
• Proven record of effectively changing animal housing, by carefully and safely transporting them.
• Skilled in sweeping, mopping, garbage removal, and equipment maintenance in animal housing areas.

– Breeding Support – Cages and Racks Changing
– Veterinary Support – Premises Sanitation
– Tissue and Sample Collection
– Behavioral Problems Management
– Food and Water Delivery
– Animal Monitoring and Evaluation

• Introduced a humane way of handling small laboratory animals, and post-experimental surgeries.
• Implemented a waste management system, which proved to be 65% safer in terms of infection control than the existing one.
• Successfully restrained a large-sized monkey who had managed to free himself from the cage and had wreaked havoc within the lab.
• Increased the life of lab equipment by 50% by suggesting (and actively performing) preventative maintenance on a regular basis.


Animal Technician
Huntington Research Center, Nashua, NH
5/2019 – Present
• Feed laboratory animals on a regular basis, in accordance with the instructions provided by the supervisor.
• Maintain and sanitize animal rooms on a daily basis and perform appropriate decontamination procedures.
• Monitor lab animals to ensure their health and well-being on a regular basis.
• Inspect, identify and house all incoming animals according to set directions and facility protocols.
• Clean and sanitize cages, pens, and trays to ensure that all lab animals thrive within their housing facilities.
• Collect tissue and body samples from lab animals for the purpose of checking their health and/or DNA.
• Administer medication to unwell animals and keep a constant watch on them to evaluate their conditions.
• Create and maintain updated records of lab animals and record and report incidents according to facility protocols.

Lab Aide
Beth Animal Lab, Nashua, NH
2/2013 – 5/2019
• Received animals as they arrived at the facility and identified and tagged them according to the procedure.
• Restrained animals so that they can be treated or examined, taking special care not to harm them.
• Cleaned animal cages several times a day, paying special attention to sanitizing practices.
• Fed animals according to their specific nutritional requirements and recorded their intake on a daily basis.
• Assisted in administering treatment to animals and with special procedures such as surgeries and euthanasia.

High School Diploma – 2007
Nashua High School, Nashua, NH