Animal Technician Resume with Less or No Experience

Updated July 14, 2019

Animal technicians hold a vital role in the veterinary settings by assisting certified professionals.

If you love animals and possess the right skills and qualifications to work as an Animal Technician it is a worthwhile job.


In order to apply for this job, it is important that you prepare an effective resume and cover letter for Animal Technician position that highlight your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications.

Note: If you are emailing your Animal Technician Resume, you must ensure that you send a PDF document in order to preserve the formatting. A PDF document looks more professional and is an indicator that the candidate has gone to some trouble to make his application look good.




Animal Technician Resume Example (Less or No Experience)


Forsyth Jones
992 Iowa Drive, San Mateo, CA 33334
Contact #

To obtain a position as an Animal Technician with PAWS utilizing skills in providing quality services based on true love of animals.

• Over 4 months of hands-on work experience in animal care capacity
• Proficient in providing husbandry and cleaning services to animals in the facility
• Highly skilled and trained in veterinary procedures pertinent to the work
• Good knowledge of providing daily animal care with regards to feeding, watering, and housing

• Good communication and people’s skills
• A natural love for animals and animal care
• Ability to work independently
• Able to restrain and capture animals

• Independently and successfully performed a minor surgical procedure on an injured dog and brought him to wellness
• An active part of the duo that traced, captured and brought back three escaped monkeys from the facility


Animal Care Volunteer
Pets and Vets – San Mateo, CA | Jan 2019 – Apr 2019

• Greeted owners of animals and pets
• Ensured that exams rooms were clean and sanitized
• Fed and bathed animals on schedule
• Ensured the comfort and hygiene of hospitalized animals
• Maintained inventory of stocks and supplies
• Prepared necessary files and documents

High School Diploma
San Mateo High School, San Mateo, CA

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