Recovery Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: August 4, 2023

Writing a Recovery Coach resume is only a problem when you are unaware of what it can do for you.

Once you know that it is the document in the job application process, you won’t have any issues writing one.

Here’s a sample to help you:

Recovery Coach Resume Example

Mark Stone
1763 Chin Lane, Tacoma, WA 98521
(000) 999-9999


Highly experienced recovery coach, with extensive exposure to creating and implementing core recovery programs to meet the individual needs of all clients. Skilled in managing a wide range of tasks associated with recovery and rehabilitation. Successful track record of assessing clients to determine their specific emotional and mental health needs.

– Intervention – Plan Modification
– Client Assessment – Program Development
– Client Oversight – Rehabilitation
– Health and Wellness – Stability Sustenance
– Emergency Response – Behavioral Health
– One on One Coaching – Community Presentations

• Devised a series of wellness programs to meet the dynamic needs of each client.
• Successfully rehabilitated 65 clients, following the implementation of rigorous and well-placed recovery programs.
• Implemented a base recovery program, which guaranteed stability and sustenance in specific client populations.
• Held 5 seminars on behavioral health, as part of a public awareness program.


Recovery Coach
Human Services, Tacoma, WA
• Look through clients’ files to determine their specific issues, such as trauma, and substance abuse.
• Engage clients and their family members in conversation to determine their personalities and challenges.
• Assess clients based on established data, to decipher the type and extent of therapy needed.
• Create and implement core recovery plans to meet the individual recovery needs of each client.
• Assess the efficacy of implemented plans, and provide modifications or assessments where required.
• Educate family members about possible outcomes and limitations of implemented recovery programs.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with government agencies to help clients acquire external assistance.
• Monitor caseloads, and ensure that clients’ records are properly maintained.

Recovery Coach Assistant
Sava Health, Tacoma, WA
• Assisted in creating and implementing basic and advanced recovery programs.
• Handled clients’ initial evaluations, and provided feedback to the recovery coach.
• Research the effects of particular drugs on the human mind, to help with recovery plan development.
• Assist clients and family members in understanding their challenges and how to overcome them.
• Provided support by creating and maintaining clients’ records in a confidential manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services
Washington State University, Washington, WA – 2009