Recovery Coach Cover Letter Sample

Updated: May 13, 2018

The whole cover letter saga is highly overrated. The fact that you have to write a good cover letter is lost on many as they believe that writing one is not easy, and often opt to leave it out. Bad choice.

Cover letter writing is not a problem unless you make it one. When writing a cover letter, your focus should be on the many things that you have to offer, as opposed to what you will gain from a cover letter.

As an applicant for a job, your primary focus should be on impressing the hiring manager enough, so that he does not think twice before calling you in for an interview.

Remember that hiring managers have access to the best of candidates, and you have to better than the best. And this is only possible if your concentration on yourself is limited, and that on the prospective employer is vast.

Here is a cover letter sample for a recovery coach position:


Recovery Coach Cover Letter Example



May 13, 2018

Mr. Benjamin Franklin
Human Resource Manager
Centre for Human Development
321 Polka Avenue
Tacoma, WA 60210


Dear Mr. Franklin:

With over six years of experience of working as a recovery coach, I am confident that I am a great contender to work as a Recovery Coach at Centre for Human Development. Recovery coaching is by far the most challenging work that I have put my hands in. But it is also an area where my strengths and accomplishments are most concentrated.

Assessing clients’ specific substance abuse situations, and creating, developing, and implementing required plans for recovery and rehabilitation have been the core of my work over the years. With a solid track record of effectively devising interventions, and ensuring that a client’s changing emotional and mental needs are met, I am sure that you will not disagree with the fact that I am the perfect person to hire at this position. Because a large number of my clients are successfully rehabilitated, I am usually the choice to handle complex cases.

Confident that you will obtain a better view of my abilities and successes in a recovery coach role in a personal meeting between us, I would like to meet with you. I will be in touch with your office to set a meeting time that suits your calendar.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




John Bennington

(000) 524-9635