Personal Trainer Resume with No Experience

Updated on July 14, 2015

Resumes for personal trainer position are written snapshots / word pictures of the unique combination of skills that you possess, which will be important to a prospective employer. A recent study has shown that employers generally screen one resume within 5 seconds, so your resume should be written in a way that quickly captures the reader’s interest.

A good resume sparks the desire to meet the candidate in person. The job of your resume is to land an interview and it should be able to help an employer quickly:

• Who you are
• What you do best
• What are your future goals
• How you can benefit the company

Repeatedly answering these questions in your head will give you a precise view of what you want your resume to look like. Typically, resumes are a couple of pages long – if you are writing one in which you cannot write much about experience (entry level resumes), you can limit it to one page. All bad resumes have a few thing in common, including wasted space, lack of strategic comprehension of the employer’s needs and too much focus on the job description. And if you want to write one that does not fall under this category, you must make sure that you do not make these mistakes.

What follows here is a resume sample of a personal trainer with no experience:


Personal Trainer Resume with No Experience


Craig Manson

902 Asbury Drive ● Monroe, NC 55675 ● (121) 999-9999 ●


Passion for health and fitness. Eager to instruct participants in a safe, pleasant, and positive manner.

PROFILE: Physically-dexterous individual with deep insight into helping clients meet their individual fitness and weight training goals. Hardworking and reliable with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Working knowledge ofhealth and wellness principles. Qualifications include:

• Specialised courses in setting realistic, short term fitness goals for clients
• Extensive knowhow of planning weight training programs and assisting clients in reaching them effectively
• Particularly effective in designing correlating diet plans to assist clients in meeting their weight training goals
• Adept at educating and motivating clients to meet their individual fitness aims


• Nutrition• Answering questions• CPR and First Aid
• Exercise planning• Training techniques• Relationship building
• Cardiovascular equipment• Weight loss• Personalized diet plans

Certified Personal Trainer – International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)

HS Diploma | CITY HIGH SCHOOL, Monroe, NC – 2015


BODY AESTHETICS, Monroe, NC | Summer 2014
Weight Training Apprentice
• Assisted clients in understanding the use of training equipment
• Provided clients with information on nutrition and lifestyle changes
• Checked and recorded clients’ progress and ensured that it is in accordance to their individual goals
• Helped clients with their workouts by constantly motivating them
• Tracked client paperwork and recorded training sessions for payment purposes
• Conducted personal training sessions for new clients

• MS Word and Excel

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