Top 2 Dog Trainer Resume Samples

Updated: May 17, 2023
Dog Trainer

Dog trainers coach, encourage, and motivate dogs to obey commands like sit, run and stand along with ensuring that they know how to behave in several different situations. Training dogs to be obedient is not an easy job as dogs do have a mind of their own.

If you have a natural love for dogs and understand how to manage training for them, then this job is for you. And you can apply for it by using the following resume sample.

Dog Trainer Resume Example 1

30 Buffalo Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 73333
(999) 999-0209


Trustworthy Dog Trainer with 11+ years of extensive experience in coaching, encouraging and motivating different breeds of dogs. A true animal lover who has an excellent understanding of advanced dog training methodologies. Well-versed in developing training plans for individual dogs and adept at implementing training protocols for a diversity of species. In-depth knowledge of canine biology and behavior. Uses proper equipment and voice commands for different breeds of dogs.

• Positive Reinforcement
• Bad Behavior Modification
• Communication with Dog Owners
• Dog Biting Control
• Dog Training Curricula
• Encouraging and Motivating Dogs


Dog Trainer
HARNESS, Niagara Falls, NY
Mar 2020 – Present
• Develop and implement dog training programs
• Assess dogs in order to determine training needs
• Train dogs in terms of obedience and public manners
• Potty train dogs on command and manual wheelchair pulling
• Conduct training sessions for other staff members
• Manage seminars and presentations on dog care and training techniques
Key Accomplishments
• Trained three dogs for a statewide dog competition in record time for the event
• Designed and implemented five sets of dog training programs to cater to Rottweiler dogs and Bulldogs

Kennel Assistant
ABC Company, Niagara Falls, NY
Feb 2017 – Dec 2020
• Assisted with training animals within the kennel
• Looked after animals’ needs in terms of feeding and grooming
• Cleaned and sanitized cages and other areas around the premises
• Assisted the vet in medical and surgical procedures

Specialized Online Courses in Dog Training
Penn Foster University, Niagara Falls, NY

Sample Resume for Dog Trainer (Example 2)

Frank Logan
8920 Hallmark Drive
Warwick, RI 25212 
(000) 417-5452
franlog @ email . com

I am an animal lover from the core with exceptional skills in training dogs for service and guard.

• 3 years of experience in conducting dog training programs to develop and maintain desired behaviors
• Competent at evaluating dogs to determine their temperament and aptitude for training.
• Deep insight into observing dogs’ physical conditions to determine health issues and chronic conditions
• Effectively able to advise owners/clients on features and signs to look for when adopting or purchasing dogs
• Exceptionally well-versed in training service dogs by imparting rigorous drills to ensure that they are trained within given timeframes

– Training Programs Creation
– Evaluation / Assessment – Competition Preparation
– Animal Nutrition – Reward Systems
– Positive Reinforcement – Veterinary Support
– Commands Development – Owner Training
– Verbal Cues – Clicker Training


Dog Trainer
Golden Services, Warwick, RI
5/2022 – Present
• Meet dog owners to determine their pets’ training needs
• Assess dogs to determine their temperaments and decide on plans of action
• Create and implement core training programs aimed at meeting the individual needs of each dog
• Coach, encourage, and motivate dogs and pet owners during training sessions
• Deliver formal presentations to educate pet owners on different ways of handling their dogs
• Train dogs to be productive in disability assistance, guarding, and guiding by ensuring that they follow specific instructions
• Cue animals during performances and train and rehearse performances with them
• Observe dogs’ physical and emotional conditions and ensure that they are provided with support at both ends
• Advise pet owners regarding the purchase or adoption of dogs and other animals
Results and Accomplishments
• Trained a sniffer dog, Mandy, who was solely responsible for finding critical evidence in the Andy Jones case
• Deployed 13 trained disability support dogs to a new operational home for the elderly and disabled

Assistant Dog Trainer
AA Company, Warwick, RI
1/2020 – 5/2022
• Assisted in evaluating dogs to determine their temperaments and training needs
• Provide assistance in handling training sessions aimed at the individual trained needs of each dog within the facility
• Restrain dogs during training sessions or if they get rattled and out of hand
• Create logs for each training session and log progress information accurately
• Maintain information about dogs and their owners and any important correlating data such as diseases or behavioral issues
Results and Accomplishments
• Created and implemented a comprehensive, all-inclusive nutrition plan for individual dogs in the facility, based on their specific needs
• Introduced the “reward system” which aided in reducing dog training time by 32%

High School Diploma
City High Scool, Warwick, RI