Personal Fitness Trainer Resume Sample

Updated: September 28, 2017

Personal Fitness Trainer Resumes are hardly ever read – unless they are written so brilliantly that the hiring manager cannot stop himself from going through it.

This should be your aim.

And here is a resume sample to help you along:

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Personal Fitness Trainer Resume Example



Cathy Patrick

75 S 22nd Street, Slaton, TX 19758
(000) 548-4121
cathpat @ email . com


8 years of extensive experience in developing and implementing core fitness regimes to meet individual clients’ specific requirements. Highly skilled in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of clients during each session.

Demonstrates the correct way of using fitness equipment. Develops and implements personalized fitness exercises to help clients meet their own set goals. Friendly and passionate, get along with clients to meet and exceed their expectations.


✓ Session Initiation ✓ Exercise Fitness Programs ✓ Safety Measures
✓ Diet Planning ✓ Personal Motivation ✓ Self-improvement
✓ Exercise Demonstration ✓ Plan Modification ✓ Injury Minimization
✓ Goals Identification ✓ Tailored Plans ✓ Progress Monitoring


✓ Implemented a client progress monitoring system, which dynamically calculated progress.
✓ Suggested tailoring exercise plans to the individual requirements of each client, resulting in increased interest in the facility’s services.
✓ Introduced 16 different types of diets, which could easily be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.
✓ Devised a series of demonstrations, now being used as part of a marketing gimmick for the facility.


Personal Fitness Trainer
Fitness Goals, Slaton, TX | 10/2014 – Present
• Welcome clients as they arrive at the facility and engage them in conversation to determine their specific fitness requirements
• Assist clients in deciphering what they may need in terms of weight loss and muscle toning
• Create and implement specifically designed exercise and fitness plans to meet the individual needs of each client
• Assist clients in performing exercises according to specified instructions
• Provide clients with information and education aimed at using fitness equipment

Personal Fitness Trainer
AA Company, Slaton, TX  | 5/2011 – 10/2014

• Developed diet plans according to the requirements of each client
• Screened clients aimed at determining if any additional requirements need to be fulfilled
• Monitored clients as they perform exercises to ensure that no injuries or accidents prevail
• Evaluated each client’s specific progress and make changes if and as needed

Fitness Trainer Assistant
Allied Fitness Center, Slaton, TX | 2/2008 – 5/2011
• Set up exercise equipment at the beginning of each shift and checked it to see if it worked correctly
• Assisted clients in using exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise cycles
• Led training sessions such as Zumba and aerobics, by following predefined instructions
• Ascertained that all exercise equipment was maintained and repaired in a timely manner
• Oversaw the cleanliness and maintenance of the exercise facility, to ensure client satisfaction at all times

Slaton High School, Slaton, TX – 2007
High School Diploma