Fitness Trainer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2021

Fitness trainers work at hotels, fitness facilities, and as personal trainers at people’s homes. Their job responsibility is to chart out fitness plans for their clients and to teach them how to follow them effectively.

Being a fitness trainer needs a lot of work – one has to be physically fit oneself and possess advanced knowledge of fitness programs, diet plans, and equipment.

The following cover letter portrays a fitness trainer’s better skills. Use this sample cover letter for a fitness trainer resume as a template to build a perfect job application package.

Fitness Trainer Cover Letter Sample

Gavin Turner
935 N Maple Lane
Watertown, SD 57333
(001) 111-1111
gavin @ email . com

March 26, 2021

Mr. Elvis Grant
Manager HR
Fitness Daily
8365 Carriage Hills
Watertown, SD 53752

Dear Mr. Grant:

As an accomplished fitness trainer with seven years of experience in hand, I would like to be a part of Fitness Daily to contribute to its success by deploying excellent physical training programs.

As indicated in my resume, I am highly skilled in:

• Demonstrating how to perform different exercises and routines
• Observing clients do exercises and telling them the right techniques to reduce injury and improve fitness
• Giving substitute exercises during classes for varying levels of fitness and skill
• Keeping an eye on clients’ progress and adjusting exercises accordingly

My professional track record encompasses the aptitude for incorporating a holistic approach to health and fitness which encompasses both cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. I have great exposure to techniques pertinent to managing a client’s endurance, flexibility and lifestyle considerations, especially when formulating a health plan. My knowledge of nutrition would assist me in formulating client-individual diet plans and developing exciting and effective exercise programs.

This opportunity is a great occasion for me to utilize my skills and benefit your organization using my expertise. I will call you next week so we can arrange a meeting to discuss the advantages that my presence at Fitness Daily will provide. Alternately, you may contact me at (001) 111-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gavin Turner

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