19 Sample Salutations and sign-offs for Business Letters

Updated on: April 18, 2022

Business letters are an integral part of formal communication between two professionals.

These letters can be written in different capacities, and their types vary depending on the situation.

Some widely used business letters may include cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, reference or recommendation letters, hiring letters, and information letters – the list goes on!

All business letters have set formats and protocols that need to be followed when writing one.

While you might play a little with the structure and language of a business letter, recipients expect that some things remain professional at all times. One major example of this is the salutation – how a business letter is begun.

Here are a few samples of popular business letter salutations that people use nowadays to start their letters:

Sample Salutations for Business Letters

1. Dear Mr. John:
2. Dear Sir/Madam:
3. Dear Mrs. Clarke:
4. Respected Sir/Madam:
5. Dear Occupant:
6. Dear Customer Service Team:
7. Dear Attorney Doe:
8. Dear Sir or Madam:
9. Dear Hiring Manager:
10. To Whom It May Concern

It depends on who you are writing to and how much information you have.

If you are writing to a company and do not have information on who will receive your letter, it is best to start with the person’s designation – Dear Hiring Manager.

It is a good idea to try and find out the name of the person to who you are addressing the letter so you can make it more specific – Dear Mr. Clarke will work here. If you are writing an informative letter, you can start out by writing Greetings!

Sample sign-offs for Business Letters

Let us now have a look at some famous sign-offs:

1. Kind regards,
2. Sincerely yours,
3. Regards,
4. Sincerely,
5. Cordially,
6. Best regards,
7. Warm regards,
8. Truly yours,
9. Sincere regards,