Resume Preparation Tips


Resumes are self-marketing tools which is why it is extremely important to write them effectively while highlighting your qualifications in a simple way. A poorly written resume will result in a non-professional impression and, consequently, no interviews! If you have a clearly written resume that highlights your finer points as an applicant, you have a great chance of bagging that job you always wanted to.

Well written resumes almost always get interviews – what you do at the interview is a different story altogether! What makes a good resume? There are many things that you will need to keep in mind when writing one. The format is important; a cluttered resume will be difficult to read and will probably end up in the employer picking up the next one before he reads yours.

Let us look at some tips here which should help you prepare an effective resume:


Resume Preparation Tips


1. Connect your qualities and strengths with real time experiences

2. Make sure you use the right keywords – you can pick them up from the advertisement you are replying to

3. Use effective titles of sections like Profile, Summary, Professional Objective, Relevant Experience, Key Qualifications and Excellence in *whichever field you are applying for*

4. Use bullet points as they are easier to read and do not pose the resume as cluttered

5. Make sure you put in the most important information at the very beginning

6. Pay special attention to typography – font size and type are important

7. Explain what benefits your skills are likely to provide to the employer

8. Use numbers – tell the employer what percentage of sales you increased in your last job

9. Customize your resume for each employer – do not send one general resume to all prospective employers

10. Do not write irrelevant information like “Reference Available Upon Request”.

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