Position Overview

Wireless technicians assist to build and maintain the communications supporting wireless systems. Wireless systems include two-way radios, cellular phones, wireless Internet (WiFi) access, vehicle location equipment, marine radios, satellite systems and related equipment, and other personal communications devices. They are needed to maintain the complex networks relaying wireless signals as well as to maintain and repair personal communications devices themselves.

When writing a cover letter for wireless technician resume, keep in mind the basic responsibilities of this position which will be very useful to make a targeted cover letter. Highlight your most relevant strengths in relation to the requirements of the prospective company.

See the sample below to get an idea how to write a cover letter for wireless technician resume.


Wireless Technician Cover Letter Sample


541 Example North Street
Eden Prairie, MN 32541

January 7, 2014

Mr. Andrew Carr
Hiring Manager
Star Broadcasting Company
142 South-way Street
Eden Prairie, MN 32544


Dear Mr. Carr:

I am pleased to present my resume as a job application for the position of Wireless Technician at Star Broadcasting Company, as advertised on your web portal. Along with technical training in Wireless Technology and three years of hands-on experience, I am certain in my ability to become a valuable member of Star Broadcasting Company.

As per requirements given in your job description, I am familiar with electronics, digital radio technology, and cellular systems. I have a demonstrated ability to measure and diagnose tools to test, regulate, and patch up electronic equipment. In addition, I am able to read work orders that explain equipment failures, and able to talk to equipment operators to decide what problems are present in the equipment. Besides, I am also expert in doing regular maintenance work on personal communication devices used by business clients as well as periodic work to maintain the wireless networks.

I am eager to discuss this Wireless Technician position and to learn more about the Star Broadcasting Company. I will call you in the next few days to follow up and see if it is suitable to arrange an interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (006) 999-1212. Thank you for your consideration.



John Doe

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