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Survey Technician Resume Tips

Establish what you can do for the prospective company and then start building your resume. To create an employer centered resume, you need to think like the employer. Put yourself in their shoes and then determine what to include in your survey technician resume. Since survey technicians are hired by companies of varied nature, it is important to learn about the business of the prospective company and demonstrate some knowledge regarding the same. For example, if the position is with a travel operating company you have to tailor your resume accordingly, including some display of knowledge regarding tourism business. However if the position exists at a mineral water providing company, your resume will have to be entirely different, focusing on that employer’s needs.


Survey Technician Resume Sample


Matthew Logan

655 Hathaway St ● Denver, CO 90821 ● (008) 555-4444 ● mathew @ email . com

Performance Profile: Meticulous professional offering 6+ years of experience in GPS based designing methodology, topographic maps formation and survey closing calculations. Well versed in calculating areas, earth quantities, section breakdowns and reservoir quantities.


• Thorough understanding of usage of coordinate systems and datum
• Expert in preparing parcel maps, right-of-way maps and subdivision plats from utility location data
• Adept at mutual data transfer in civil 3D and ArcGIS
• Substantial knowledge of national CAD standards


• Generated 500+ high quality, accurate plot reports during the first month of hiring
• Implemented AutoGIS based mapping procedures and protocols at the firm, enhancing work accuracy by double
• Introduced azimuths measurement strategies and incorporated the same in the regular mapping protocols prevalent at Taft Engineering


Survey Technician | Bergmann Associates, Denver, CO | 2010 – Present

• Conducted pipeline surveys on sites and effectively utilized Trimble surveying instruments
• Operate and manage land information computer systems for storing data, making inquiries and creating plot reports
• Utilized geographic data and various GIS software to build maps

Assistant Survey Technician | Taft Engineering, Denver, CO | 2007 – 2010

• Performed calculations to determine curvature corrections, transverse closures and adjustments
• Compiled and organized necessary information for topographical, horizontal and vertical survey controls
• Adjusted and operated surveying instruments as per site demands
• Assisted in maintenance of survey related safety standards


G.D HIGH SCHOOL, Denver, CO, 2007


• Geographic Information system diploma holder
• Knowledge of Design and CAD software
• Reliable vehicle with valid driver’s license

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