Supermarket Merchandiser Resume Sample

Updated on: March 22, 2023

How to Write a Grest Supermarket Merchandiser Resume?

Write your resume for a supermarket merchandiser in accordance with the hiring manager’s requirements. That can only be done if you know what these requirements are.

First things first – go through the job description of a supermarket merchandiser. Then, collect information to put into your Supermarket Merchandiser resume.

Highlight your skills, experience, qualifications, and accomplishments in a supermarket merchandiser role.

Here is how you can create a resume for this position:

Supermarket Merchandiser Resume Example

Gabriel Picard
Rogers, AR 
(000) 854-5654


Exceptionally talented merchandiser with 8+ years of experience in a supermarket capacity. Highly experienced in planning and developing merchandise strategies. Effectively able to analyze sales figures, and market trends in order to anticipate product needs.

• Introduced the concept of visual merchandising, as a result, increased customer interest in top products.
• Implemented a quality control system, considered 85% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Devised a unique stock movement plan, decreasing issues associated with delivery and shipment.
• Introduced an inexpensive vendor, thereby, decreasing purchasing costs by $4000 per month.

• Strategy Development • Customer Interest Maximization
• Stock Movement Monitoring
• Product Display • Visual Merchandising
• Sales Forecasting • Budget Planning
• Vendor Relations • Quality Control


Quality Brands, Rogers, AR 
• Confer with supermarket management in order to determine product needs
• Plan and develop merchandising strategies to reach out to customers
• Ensure that strategies balance customers’ expectations and the company’s goals
• Analyze sales figures and market trends
• Determine customers’ reactions in order to anticipate product needs
• Plan product ranges in accordance with analytic results
• Create and maintain effective relationships with buyers, suppliers, and distributors
• Produce layout plans, and oversee the maintenance of shelves and inventory
• Build customer relations in a constructive manner
• Implement visual merchandising strategies in order to increase customer interest

Assistant Merchandiser
OCT Solutions, Rogers, AR 
• Assisted in planning product ranges by providing customer and market feedback
• Liaised with buyers and suppliers in order to obtain products
• Produced sales projections upon the requirement
• Monitored slow sellers, and take appropriate action
• Forecasted profits and sales, and optimized sales volumes
• Identified product and supply issues, and resolve associated problems

Bachelor of Business Administration
Rogers University, Rogers, AR

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