Medical Equipment Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 29, 2017

Unfortunately, there is only one way to be a success at a Medical Equipment Technician interview and that is through preparation.

Any other “tips and tricks” will probably just lead to added anguish that is already part of the interview process, as far as an interviewee is concerned.

If you know the work inside out, you have a great chance at acing the interview. If you are not too sure about what the work entails, make sure that you find out before heading towards the interview room.

To see what questions you might be asked at the interview for a medical equipment technician position, have a look at the following set:


Medical Equipment Technician Interview Questions and Answers


As a medical equipment technician, what were your main responsibilities in a previous job?
I am presently working for Trinity Health, where my main duties in the role of a medical equipment technician include setting up and calibrating medical equipment such as x-ray machines, ECG equipment, and patient monitors. In addition to this, I am responsible for assisting other technicians and medical staff members in understanding the use and operation of medical equipment, and have been handling both repair and maintenance on assigned equipment.

What skills do you think a medical equipment technician needs to be successful at this work?
In order to be successful at working as a medical equipment technician, one has to primarily possess exceptional knowledge of popular medical terms, know how medical equipment works, possess the ability to handle repair and maintenance work, and have it in him or her to multitask effectively.

What is the one thing that you find challenging in this work?
While work-related challenges do not really bother me much, the pressure of repairing a piece of medical equipment at a time that it is needed the most, can be a bit nerve-wracking.

How do you handle the pressure associated with your work?
I am a cool headed individual who takes things in stride. Work pressure to me is equivalent to a motivational kick. I work extremely well while under pressure.

Tell us of a time when your work prowess shone, and you were commended for it.
I was working for a small medical facility that had only one ECG machine to its name, which broke down. We got a call during this time, and were told that a patient needed to have an ECG done immediately, and he was on his way. It took all the troubleshooting and analytic skills that I had to repair the machine before the patient arrived, but it was done and I received great commendation on my efficiency.

How do you feel about working in a fast-paced medical environment?
My skills as a medical equipment technician have been developed and polished in a fast-paced medical environment, which is why this is where I thrive best!