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Updated on: August 5, 2023
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When building your resume for an irrigation technician position, you need to research the position. Once you know the job description and the employer’s needs, you can quickly build an effective resume.

Analyze your skills first, for example:

  1. what do you know about the different technologies used in the irrigation system?
  2. Are you aware of the tools needed to perform the job?
  3. Are you physically agile?

Asking these questions yourself will help you write a good resume.

Typically, your resume for an irrigation technician position should chart out how well you know about the troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems.

You may use the following free resume sample and customize it per your specific needs.

Irrigation Technician Resume Example

George Diaz
100 Main Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 23417
(000) 250-8541


A technically savvy irrigation technician with 15-plus years of hands-on experience in operating and controlling tools and equipment used in irrigation work, and reading diagrams and blueprints intending to plan the laying of complex irrigation systems. Energetic self-starter with excellent knowledge of sophisticated irrigation systems, and their correlation with landscaping and agricultural uses.

Preventative maintenance Water loss management
Irrigation controllers Trenchers and drills
Electric meters and pumps Hand and power tools
Valve programs Troubleshooting
Communication Physical dexterity


Irrigation Technician
The Brickman Group, Wilmington, DE
6/2019 – Present
• Design and implement a computer-controlled irrigation system, the first of its kind in the state of Delaware.
• Reduce chances of water loss through system breakage by 40% by employing checks and balances at three checkpoints.
• Successfully perform tests on irrigation systems to determine proper functioning.
• Maintain knowledge of new irrigation systems by studying blueprints.
• Make notes to assess materials and equipment needed to begin installations.
• Install complex irrigation systems by conforming to state and federal laws.
• Install irrigation timers, pipes, and valves according to specifications charted out in the plan.
• Integrate sprinkler systems in existing irrigation systems.
• Operate a variety of machinery such as trucks and trenchers.

Irrigation Technician
ABC Company, Wilmington, DE
11/2016 – 6/2019
• Increased efficiency of a previous irrigation system by 50% by conducting regular inspections.
• Trained 15 new employees to work as irrigation technicians for 3 sites.
• Repaired damaged and malfunctioning parts of the irrigation system.
• Used logic and reasoning to determine the types of irrigation systems and networks needed for individual projects.
• Performed both preventative and regular maintenance on irrigation systems.
• Made necessary adjustments to ensure that irrigation systems stay in place.
• Conducted regular irrigation systems inspections and isolate problematic modules.
• Performed repairs on problematic modules by using a variety of tools.
• Maintained inventory of tools and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and repair of irrigation and auxiliary systems.

Irrigation Projects Helper
Mainscape, Wilmington, DE
5/2013 – 11/2016
• Assisted in laying out irrigation systems using tools of the trade.
• Provided support in locating problematic parts and repairing or replacing them.
• Prepared irrigation valves and pipes for installation purposes.
• Assisted in testing the installed irrigation systems.
• Kept track of inventory of parts, materials, tools, and equipment used in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

CPR and First Aid
Pesticide Applicator certification

Current Delaware driver’s license

High School Diploma
Cooper’s High School, Wilmington, DE

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