HVAC Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 19, 2018

Job Overview

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and people working in this capacity usually work as technicians. Their primary job is to manage heating and cooling systems within buildings by installing and maintaining them.

Following is a cover letter sample that an HVAC technician will use to apply for a job as an HVAC Technician.

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Sample Cover Letter for HVAC Technician Resume


88 Chestnut Grove Drive
Blacklick, OH 66353

August 19, 2018

Mr. Anthony Wooden
Hiring Manager
ECU Inc.
77 W 44th Street
Blacklick, OH 66353


Dear Mr. Wooden:

This letter is with reference to the job advertisement for the position of HVAC Technician at ECU Inc. With an EPA 608 Universal and Journeyman HVAC License, and a profound ability to perform inspections and make adjustments, I am confident that I have the competence to work well in this role.

At my previous workplace, I was required to manage preventive maintenance along with performing diagnostics on HVAC mechanical systems which is why I have developed the expertise to work well in this regard. I am proficient in diagnostics and analysis and possess the technical knowledge to manage the work effectively. My mechanical abilities are outstanding, saying the least, as I possess EPA certification that is the essence of this work. Moreover, I maintain a keen knowledge of the tools and equipment used for job-related to HVAC.

I am confident that my work experience and expertise will prove to be an asset to your company and would like to explore this opportunity further by meeting with you. During next week, I will call your office to ask for an interview and will be available at (000) 333-3333 if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your kind consideration.



Ramon Dass

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