HVAC Resume Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2018

There are a few positions that you can work on in the HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) arena. You may work as an HVAC technician or a supervisor depending on your skills, experience, and interest.

The position of an HVAC technician is by far the most popular one in this category so let us see what this position entails. HVAC technicians are required to possess complete knowledge of HVAC systems. They are expected to maintain, install and troubleshoot heating and cooling systems. These people work in an environment that has cooling and heating systems installed which are everywhere.

If you are a licensed HVAC technician, you want to take a look at this resume sample below for applying for a job in this capacity.

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HVAC Resume Example


Christian Murphy

23 13th Street, Moline, IL 39100 • (999) 999-9999 • Email


• 7+ years’ experience in installing, repairing and maintaining heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment.
• Proficient in diagnosing system problems and identifying equipment and solutions needed to rectify the problems.
• Competent at fabricating equipment parts to meet special needs.
• Ability to perform both routine and preventive maintenance activities.
• CFC certified

• Demonstrated ability to interact with clients effectively
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Exceptional physical dexterity
• Working knowledge of Siemens Apogee systems
• Knowledge of basic engineering principles

• Amalgamated a complex heating system with the existing system to engender up-gradation
• Redesigned the entire heating, ventilating and cooling systems of the company thereby reducing overhead costs by 39%


Core Aid – Moline, IL    2012 – Present
HVAC Technician
• Maintain environmental conditions by installing and maintaining both heating and cooling systems
• Test, diagnose and repair problems in the system and propose relevant solutions
• Install electric and pneumatic control systems
• Manage installation of ducts for ventilation purposes
• Ensure proper running order of all systems
• Replace and rebuild faulty components

ABC Company – Moline, IL     2008 – 2012
HVAC Assistant
• Assisted the lead HVAC technician in installing and managing cooling and heating systems
• Provided preventive maintenance solutions
• Assisted in engineering design services for ducts and other systems as appropriate
• Monitored duct pressures and external air pressures on a regular basis
• Managed paperwork associated with HVAC procedures

ABC SCHOOL, Moline, IL – 2007