HVAC Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 4, 2015

There is no better way of making sure that your cover letter shines than writing content that you know will be acceptable to the hiring manager. But how do you find that out? You research. Yes, spend some time looking through the company website to see what kind of a corporate culture they have. Also ask questions regarding the company from people you know may have worked there, or at least know someone in it.

What will research achieve? Quite a lot in this situation. If you know who you are dealing with and what they like, you are sure to write something that will appeal to them. You do not want the hiring manager to pick up your resume and think why do people write the same old things all the time? Badly written cover letters discourage both the hiring manager (because he or she was probably hoping to end his search with you) and the candidate (because bad content means “the end”).

Hence, there is a lot of emphasis placed on writing a cover letter that is of the “eye popping” quality. Those that boast of this quality achieve certain success. Those that do not, are left in the bog of eternal doom!

The cover letter sample below (for an HVAC engineer) will tell you how to go about writing a good one!


HVAC Engineer Cover Letter Sample


Benjamin Frank
12 U. 7th Street
Mount Washington, KY 31041
(000) 414-9395
Frank @ email . com

September 4, 2015

Sasha Pinto
Hiring Manager
MTec Systems
60 Rufus Road
Mount Washington, KY 30012


Dear Ms. Pinto:

Being aware of MTec Systems’ reputation for performing “only the best”, I offer my services as an HVAC Engineer who can “only do the best”. And this is certainly no hollow bragging. If you focus your attention on the following, you will discover exactly what I mean:

• Track record of designing and implementing both simple and complex HVAC systems to suit residential and commercial needs
• Strong technical expertise aimed at supporting the functions of designing, manufacturing, testing and troubleshooting HVAC systems
• Competent at incorporating technical advances into existing HVAC systems to bring them up to date
• Proficient in providing maintenance engineering support for complex heating and cooling systems

Once I get to meet you, I will be able to elaborate on these further. To arrange a meeting, I will call your executive secretary for a date and time next week. In the meantime, you can contact me at (000) 414-9395.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Benjamin Frank

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