Forestry Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 25, 2023

Working as a forestry worker can be challenging, but it is also great fun if you love nature.

The main job of a forestry worker is to improve the quality of forests. Typically, he or she will be expected to plant seeds to reforest land, and care for assigned forest areas.

When you apply for a position as a forestry worker, ensure that you show your love for nature and the many ways in which you can nurture it.

It is important to realize that your cover letter for a forestry worker position must be an exciting read. Otherwise, you may lose your chances for an interview.

Making sure that you provide the right information such as the ability to determine what types of plantation need to be done is essential.

As essential to show is your knowledge of helping prevent and suppress forest fires, and other hazards to vegetation.

A cover letter sample for the forestry worker position is provided here for reference purposes:

Sample Cover Letter for Forestry Resume

January 25, 2023

Mr. Axel Rose
Human Resources Manager
Three Rivers Park District
938 Jackson Miller Road
Grand Island, NE 27495

Dear Mr. Rose:

My love for nature knows no bounds. It is no wonder that I perused a career in forestry work. Now, I am a seasoned forestry worker with 6+ years of experience under my belt. And I would like Three Rivers Park District to benefit from my experience and skills.

I have worked diligently in a variety of areas such as planting seedlings, clearing away brush, performing tree-measuring tasks, and handling pesticide control work. Since global warming is such a huge issue nowadays, my plantation efforts have doubled over the years. Conservation is also a large part of my work, which is why my present place of employment has enjoyed much in terms of the saved plantation.

Over the years that I have worked in a forestry worker capacity, I have contributed much to the environment. Since my knowledge of fighting forest fires is immense, I am often called upon to advise on preventing fires from breaking out.

Moreover, I am a diligent individual, who takes forestry work with high seriousness. Given all this, I am confident that I am the right person to hire as a forestry worker. Please refer to my resume for further details. I will be in touch regarding a possible interview soon and can be contacted at (000) 029-7762.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ian Dew

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