EKG Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: October 30, 2016


There is a thin line between writing an ordinary EKG Technician resume and an exceptional one.

Just one thing wrong with a resume can put it into the former category, making it difficult for you to reach your career goals.

Format and content both matter immensely.

Here is a sample that does justice to both:



EKG Technician Resume Sample


Roman Mastiff

188 Hill Road | Talking Rock, GA 85971 | (000) 245-7544 | rommas @ email . com


Performance Profile/Performance Summary

7+ years’ track record of success working with electrocardiogram machines to conduct superior quality tests and assisting specialists in identifying cardiovascular problems. Proficient in monitoring patients before the beginning of each test to ensure their comfort, attaching electrodes to specific areas of chest, arms and legs, recording variations and updating patients’ medical history charts with correlating EKG information. A focused and compassionate person who is known for making patients and families comfortable with the process.


• Function Analysis • Pacemaker Interrogation
• Ambulatory EKG Monitoring • Emergency Response
• ETT Testing • Patient Testing Procedures
• Equipment Maintenance • Priority Setting
• Acute / Chronic Threshold Testing • Holter Scanning Assistance
• Neonatal EKG • Supplies Inventory

• Recognized the early signs of a heart attack in a patient due for an EKG, resulting in saving his life
• Introduced the exercise tolerance test (ETT) within the facility, thereby expanding the facility’s services considerably
• Implemented preventative maintenance on EKG machinery, increasing its life by 85%
• Reduced costs of EKG supplies by 50% by suggesting procurement from a high quality but inexpensive vendor


EKG Technician
Baycare, Talking Rock, GA | 6/2013 – Present

• Timely prepare examination / procedure rooms by ensuring that they are cleaned and sanitized
• Successfully consult work orders to determine what condition EKGs are required for
• Interview patients to determine their ailments and engage them in conversation to make them feel comfortable
• Explain the EKG procedure to patients and families and answer any questions or concerns that they may have
• Attach electrodes to patients chest, arms and legs and adjust EKG machinery to take readings

EKG Technician
Georgia Healtcare, Talking Rock, GA | 5/2010 – 6/2013

• Monitored patients during the process to ensure their wellbeing and comfort
• Informed doctors of any abnormalities immediately
• Printed and shared results with physicians
• Ensured that patients’ files were updated with new information
• Cleaned and maintained EKG machines on a regular basis
• Arranged and organized all corresponding supplies

EKG Assistant
Sharp Healthcare, Talking Rock, GA | 2/2009 – 5/2010

• Cleaned and sanitized examination rooms and ensured that all supplies were available
• Assisted technicians in setting up and calibrating EKG machines before each test
• Provided logistical support in attaching electrodes to patients’ bodies
• Maintained EKG equipment on a regular basis, by cleaning it and ensuring that it is stored safely after use
• Kept an eye on patients to ensure that they were comfortable and raise alarm in case of any issues such as medical emergencies

EKG Technician Certification
Midlands Technical College, Atlanta, GA – 2008

Georgia State Certified EKG Technician (CET)