Veterinary Technician Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: September 8, 2017


A resume is hardly a thing to not take seriously. In fact, if there is anything that is serious in the job application business, it is the resume.

A good resume can increase your chances of acquiring the right type of job. A bad one will backfire.

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Veterinary Technician Assistant Resume Sample



Howard Potter

2 Dorton Branch Road, Pineville, KY 20221
(000) 874-5241
Howard.potter @ email . com


Performance Profile
Experienced Veterinary Technician with an outstanding record of providing assistance in treating animal patients in clinical settings. Highly skilled in restraining animals to provide support in examining them, while ensuring their wellbeing and safety.

• A strong and committed individual with the ability to determine animal patient requirements by conducting examinations, and reviewing care plans.
• Calm and flexible, cares for animal patients by taking and recording their vital signs, collecting samples, administering medication.
• Qualified to set up and operating procedural equipment, and ensuring that it is properly maintained and calibrated.
• Proven ability to effectively create and maintain patients’ records, and ensure that they are timely updated.

Professional Competencies

✓ Animal Restraining ✓ Medication Administration ✓ Vital Signs Recording
✓ Procedural Support ✓ Records Management ✓ Owner Education
✓ Inventory Management ✓ Appointments Scheduling ✓ Medication Dispensing
✓ Admissions Handling ✓ Payment Handling ✓ Specimens Collection


Performance Highlights
• Introduced a specimen collection system, which proved to be 85% more hygienic than the one already being used.
• Implemented a novels appointment scheduling system, replacing the old and inefficient one.
• Restrained 3 dogs at the same time, during an especially busy day at the clinic, when no additional help was available.
• Reduced the cost of acquiring veterinary supplies by 50%, by bringing onboard a less expensive but quality vendor.


Veterinary Technician
Biscuits and Bath, Pineville, KY | 2012 – Present
• Greet pet owners as they arrive at the facility and inquire into their purpose of visit
• Engage pets in friendly banter or activities to make them feel comfortable at the facility
• Perform initial examination of pets, and record findings in their files
• Assist veterinary doctors in examining animals in detail, providing support by restraining them or calming them down
• Set up and calibrate procedural equipment to assist vets in performing therapeutic and medical procedures on animal patients
• Take animal patients’ vitals, and ensure that they are properly and confidentially recorded
• Schedule appointments over the telephone and in person, and ensure that appropriate follow-up is made
• Ascertain that the facility is kept cleaned and sanitized at all times, in accordance with set standards

Animal Care Aide
The Pet Hospital, Pineville, KY | 2007 – 2012
• Assisted vets and technicians in calming down scared animals, by petting them and talking to them gently
• Provided support in taking and recording animal patients’ vitals
• Cleaned and sanitized admitted animals’ cages, ensuring that all set standards for cleanliness are met
• Collected specimens for testing purposes, and followed up on results
• Scheduled appointments, provided follow-up, and ensured that waiting lists were kept updated

Pineville High School, Pineville, KY – 2006
High School Diploma