Environmental Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 31, 2017

You are your own best friend where writing a cover letter for environmental technician is concerned. To be able to do justice to it, you must make sure that the right type and amount of information goes into a cover letter.

Remember that an environmental technician cover letter is your story and it needs to be interesting for a hiring manager to feel that you are all that he or she needs for the organization.

The good news is that cover letters are almost always read unlike resumes that hiring managers find difficult to read. Possessing this edge, the cover letter is a great communicator as it allows you to say what you want to without the fear of it going unread. Unless of course your cover letter is not readable because it does not have much substance in it! Don’t worry. Have a look at the following sample:


Environmental Technician Cover Letter Sample



545 Windsor Ct
Catoosa, OK 54211

May 31, 2017

Mr. Jeremy Cornell
Hiring Manager
965 E 77th Street
Catoosa, OK 80231


Dear Mr. Cornell:

Anticipating a position as an environmental technician at Stericycle, I hope to contribute much in terms of observing and documenting field activities and using field screening equipment for documenting readings.

Environmental health and safety has always had a deep meaning for me, and I have spent the past few years proactively making sure that I contribute to it as much as possible. After training as an environmental technician, I have been busy sampling and assessing different types of soils and groundwater to determine presence of hazardous materials and toxins, and have proactively provided solutions to counter these problems.

With my experience in developing, implementing and monitoring environmental control programs, and effectively ensuring compliance with contract requirements, I am sure to be a solid and immediate credit to your organization. Other areas that you will find me exceptionally talented include production of environmental deficiency reports, SOP inspections and monitoring and measuring environmental management system goals and policies to ensure that they are updated and workable.

With my proficiency in supporting the implementation of corrective actions to remedy non-compliance, and corresponding capacity to inspect maintenance programs against established rules, you will not be disappointed with my efforts. I will be in the vicinity of your office on Wednesday next week and will make an appearance to see if you are available to interview me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.




Ian Hardy

(000) 702-7451