11 Cable Technician Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 27, 2022

How often do you think about your skills when you write a cable technician resume? Not too many times? True.

Most of us do not bother thinking along these lines, wrongly believing that skills can only be shown in actuality and that no one is going to believe you if you write them down in a cable technician resume.

Actually, the cable technician resume needs to be full of information on your talents, and how you intend to fit into the prospective company.

An employer who picks up your resume will look for the skills section specifically, hoping to see an entire section dedicated to it. If he doesn’t see it, he might just pick up your resume and put it on the side, hoping to pick up another one that does have a dedicated skills section.

Don’t put yourself at a loss here. Make your skills count for something. Draw them up as dedicatedly as you would your accomplishments.

Remember that your achievements and even your work duties are the direct results of your skills – so your skills need to be communicated to the employer as best as possible.

Work-related skills are one thing – you also need to have some inherent skills such as good verbal and written communication, and listening abilities. But since a skills set needs to be particular to the specific requirements of the job, here is a list of skills that a cable technician will need:

Cable Technician Skills for Resume

  1. Demonstrated ability to plan network installations by carefully and articulately studying orders, plans, and manuals.
  2. Highly experienced in establishing both voice and data networks by efficiently running, pulling, and terminating cables and installing correlating telecommunications equipment.
  3. Track record of establishing connections, programming features, and activating remote access tools effectively.
  4. Competent in verifying cable services by testing circuits, alarms, and equipment, and identifying and troubleshooting problems in a time-efficient manner.
  5. Talented in inspecting installation sites to determine cable layout suitability.
  6. Effectively able to respond to preventative and regular maintenance requests in a timely and efficient manner.
  7. Proficient in setting up and testing new components and ensuring that any teething troubles are handled appropriately.
  8. Exceptionally well-versed in documenting and logging each installation process in company logbooks.
  9. First-hand experience in handling and maintaining equipment and tools inventory efficiently.
  10. Proven ability to effectively calibrate monitoring programs and troubleshoot devices following installations.
  11. Able to maintain a safe working environment by following set codes, standards, and company procedures for cable installation.

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