Best Cable Technician Resume Sample for 2021

Updated on: December 25, 2020
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Cable technicians install and repair cable systems by managing cable lines and poles to ensure continuous service. They may work on feeder lines or scan cable systems to determine the nature of the problem and then work to get it fixed on time. They also ensure that both preventative and regular maintenance measures are taken to make sure that breakdowns are few and far apart.

Resumes are an essential gateway to get your dream job as a cable technician. If you are successful in writing a good resume, half the battle is won. An employer is sure to ask you for an interview if your resume interests them.

People applying for cable technician positions are expected to submit resumes that speak volumes about their skills in performing a job. The following is a perfect example in this regard.

Sample 2021 Resume for Cable Technician

William Stevenson
309 Conger Street, Bloomfield, NJ 67909
(000) 121-4441

Extremely motivated Cable Technician with 15 years’ dedicated experience in installation and troubleshooting of different kinds of cables including Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, and CATV. Track record of assembling and installing modular connectors, implementing cut-overs, cable splices and grounding infrastructure. A team player who has in-depth knowledge of different types of cable distribution systems, wiring configurations, and terminations.

Cable Placement | Testing
Labeling | Termination
Grounding | Bonding
Hardware Installation| Rack and stack

• Twisted Pair, Coaxial and Stranded Cable
• Solid Conductor Low Voltage Cable
• Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Optical Cable

• Conducted several seminars on Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, CATV systems and their implementation.
• Trained newly hired cable technicians in fieldwork processes.
• Incorporated automated diagnosis procedures, ensuring that the troubleshooting time was brought down considerably.
• Wrote a manual on troubleshooting activities for the benefit of new hires.


Baker Installations, Bloomfield, NJ                                          
Jan 2013  – Present
Cable Technician
• Terminate 50-60 jacks per day.
• Check cable wires, poles, and amplifiers for problems.
• Install terminal boxes and splice cables as necessary.
• Install fiber optic, non-shielded, and shielded cable.
• Test copper and fiber cables to ensure the correct working order.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot cable problems.
• Perform diagnostic and preventive maintenance measures.
• Document test results and safety reports as appropriate.

NES Associates LLC – Bloomfield, NJ                                        
Mar 2022 – Jan 2013
Cable Technician Assistant
• Assisted in splicing and installing cables.
• Removed cables as instructed.
• Managed terminating activities.
• Set up new frames for cable installation.
• Supported in troubleshooting cable issues.

Diploma: Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, NJ