Residential Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: July 12, 2018

The work of a residential maintenance technician can be simple, or complex, depending on what we are discussing. A person working in this position needs to perform many small and big maintenance and cleaning tasks to ensure that the assigned areas within a residential building are correctly managed, according to the provided instructions.

Want to get hired as a residential maintenance technician?

Designed specifically for residential maintenance technician candidates, the resume sample below include the sections and qualifications employers will be looking for. Use this resume sample as a starting point, then adjust it to fit your specific needs.

So make a move, and write a rocking resume, like the sample provided here:



Residential Maintenance Technician Resume Sample


Gavin Trevor
82 Henry Mason Road, Oakland, CA 54265
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented Residential Maintenance Technician with over 11 years of hands-on experience. Deeply familiar with providing prompt and superior customer services to all residents, prospective residents, and visitors. Proven ability to prepare apartments for occupancy, by effectively cleaning and servicing them.

• Implemented a core preventative maintenance system, which reduced instances of breakdowns by a staggering 85%.
• Introduced a series of safety precautions measures, aimed at ensuring both buildings, and resident safety.
• Devised a troubleshooting system, resulting in decreased time in diagnosing problems, and fixing them.
• Successfully cleaned and sanitized an entire residential building, within one day, just in time for eight occupants to move in.


• HVAC Maintenance • Plumbing • Repair Coordination
• Carpentry Assistance • Troubleshooting • Plumbing
• Appliance Maintenance • Safety Precautions • Request Response
• Building Maintenance • Equipment Management • Complaint Handling


Residential Maintenance Technician
T & R Properties, Oakland, CA                             2011-present
• Take orders to handle cleaning and maintenance work on assigned buildings or areas.
• Gather maintenance and cleaning equipment in accordance with the work orders provided.
• Perform cleaning work, ensuring that all assigned floors and apartments are covered.
• Assist in the monitoring of the maintenance inventory and supplies, and any related expenses.
• Maintain assigned building areas by completing general, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC related maintenance activities.
• Perform grounds-keeping activities, ensuring that the areas outside are kept in pristine order.
• Install, maintain, and repair machinery, equipment, and physical structures, as part of the maintenance procedures.
• Create and maintain the inventory of cleaning and maintenance equipment and supplies, communicating low stock situations to the supervisor.

Maintenance Tech
Office Space X, Oakland, CA                       2007-2011
• Performed cleaning and maintenance work on HVAC systems, and building structures, in accordance with provided instructions.
• Ascertained that all unoccupied offices and apartments were cleaned on a regular basis.
• Prepared offices and apartments for occupancy, ensuring that all amenities are in good working order.
• Handled grounds-keeping activities, aimed at ensuring that the general outlook was maintained aesthetically.

Oakland High School, Oakland, CA
High School Diploma

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Residential Maintenance Technician

Residential Maintenance Technician

Residential Maintenance Technician Qualifications 

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as residential maintenance technicians.

You may have a better chance at being hired at this position, if you have some experience to boast, in a similar capacity.

Working at this position means that you have to be hands-on in handling minor repair work as well, which may include fixing HVAC systems, and handling plumbing issues. Since this is physically demanding work, it is essential that you possess great physical dexterity, and have it in you to be able to handle a wide variety of tasks at the same time – multitasking is a virtue when you are working as a residential maintenance technician.

Apart from physical ability, it is important for residential maintenance technicians to be hands-on in the many tasks that they will be required to perform, once hired at this position.

Residential Maintenance Technician Job Description for Resume

• Inspect assigned premises, or residential areas to determine the need for maintenance and repair.
• Clean and sanitize assigned areas to ensure that they are kept in good condition at all times.
• Check HVAC and plumbing systems to ensure that they are in good working order and ensure that any issues are handled properly.
• Interact with residents to determine their specific maintenance problems, and resolve issues related to electrical problems, appliances, and gas fixtures.
• Schedule preventative maintenance programs on all equipment and systems, to ensure that they remain in good working conditions at all times.
• Perform safety and cleaning procedures, and help in moving and transferring unwanted appliances and equipment to dumping areas.
• Check that all storage areas are secured, and locked, and ensure that their keys are handled safely.
• Repair and treat structures including showers, and sinks, and assist in the repair of doors, walls, and cabinets.
• Perform maintenance work on grounds, by ensuring that litter and leaves are picked up, and properly disposed of.
• Handle pool maintenance tasks, ensuring that the pool and surrounding areas are properly cleaned and sanitized.
• Respond to urgent situations such as the need for repairs in bathrooms and kitchens.