A resume for a Broadband Technician should draw attention of the reader towards your skills in providing service installation, disconnection and service changes for both residential and corporate customers. Also include your experience in after sales services such as troubleshooting and repairing procedures. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your resume. The following example will provide you with a better idea.


Broadband Technician Resume Sample

Jacob Sellers
7 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI 77772
Phone: (999) 992-9979, Email:

Looking for a position of Broadband Technician with CenturyLink utilizing my technical knowledge and customer care expertise to provide quality broadband services.

• Over three years of extensive experience as a Broadband Technician
• Highly skilled in installing, disconnecting and repairing broadband services for individual customers and corporate settings
• Able to install, uphold, repair and test all kinds of broadband products including; IPTV, HSI, Networking, VDSL, and High Definition TV
• Hands on experience in troubleshooting technical problems and issues
• In depth knowledge of the protocols and procedures required to use hardware and tools used in managing broadband services

• Thorough understanding of using appropriate tools and equipment
• Good dexterity of hands
• Demonstrated ability to climb poles and operate extension ladders
• Ability to work in confined spaces
• Good mathematical abilities
• Exceptional communication and time management skills

• Installed broadband services successfully in an industry setting with complex Linux and Windows integrated systems
• Named Employee of the Quarter for managing maximum installations in a prescribed amount of time

Multilynx – Auburn Hills, MI | January 2009 – Present
Broadband Technician
• Install and disconnect broadband services as and when required
• Provide troubleshooting services in the event of issues within a system
• Educate customers regarding use of service and preventive measures
• Determine customers’ current service levels and suggest upgrades and downgrades
• Complete work orders and other pertinent documentation

BS in Computer Networks
The University of Miami
GPA: 3.5