2 Production Technician Resume Examples

Updated on: September 20, 2022

Production technicians are employed by different sectors in the manufacturing industry. Their main responsibility is to operate various types of machinery and use power and hand tools in order to facilitate the production process.

This position does not require a person to hold a formal degree but some skill is required to be able to manage this work effectively.

A production technician resume that holds information on the relevant skills will be deemed a successful one by the employer.

The following 2 resume samples depict the information that a production technician should write on a resume when applying for a job. Have a look!

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Production Technician Resume Sample 1

John Cooper
2122 Versailles Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 77129
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally dexterous production technician with 13 years of firsthand experience in performing production processes in accordance with the company’s guidelines and following best practices. Highly skilled in assembling and installing various components in order to manufacture one large unit. Proven record of operating automatic and semi-automatic assembly equipment and basic test equipment. Competent at using small hand and power tools effectively. Working knowledge of Agile, SAP, and WebApp.

• Introduced a set of protocols to control process monitoring using visual observation and online testing.
• Promoted from a general worker to a production technician owing to my exceptional technical acumen.


Production Technician
Acme Productions – Cherry Hill, NJ     
• Assemble and install various components on the assembly line
• Examine products to ensure conformance to quality standards
• Stage, prepare, lift and load raw materials
• Monitor and adjust gauges, valves, and switches
• Operate computerized and manual equipment for production processes
• Complete appropriate paperwork associated with production work
• Train new hires as and when directed

Production Technician
ABC Company – Cherry Hill, NJ     
• Operated a variety of mechanical production equipment
• Loaded and lifted heavy materials
• Read schematics and digital measuring equipment
• Utilized excellent communication and interpersonal skills to create a friendly environment

High School Diploma
ST LOUIS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Cherry Hill, NJ – 2002

Production Technician Resume Example

Gary Randolph
839 Morgan Boulevard
Auburn, WA 21541
(000) 325-2514


Hardworking production technician with 7+ years of hands-on experience in performing production processes in accordance with production guidelines. Demonstrated ability to operate equipment, hand or power tools, and forklifts to perform production processes. Proficient in verifying equipment and areas for safe use and identifying and troubleshooting problems.

• Reading and interpreting instructions
• Moving materials and equipment
• Setting up the work site
• Preparing construction sites
• Pouring and spreading concrete
• Finishing surfaces
• Performing housekeeping tasks
• Observing safety rules and procedures


Production Technician 
Valassis, Auburn, WA         
• Safely strap and bag materials with proper mail identification addresses
• Check product to ensure quality and quantity is correct
• Ensure finished goods are properly assembled
• Direct and guide material handlers to move product to finish location
• Properly clean and maintain machine area

Production Technician
ABS Tech – Cedar Hills, UT   
• Performed production duties akin to arranging, loading, moving, packaging, handling, transferring, labeling and sampling process materials
• Set up, adjusted, and performed maintenance on process equipment and tools
• Identified and troubleshot potential equipment issues
• Gathered and maintained records
• Managed gravity operation and bagging
• Performed preventive maintenance procedures
• Managed housekeeping activities as needed

High School Diploma
Cedar Hills High School, Cedar Hills, UT

• Physically dexterous
• Strong safety work ethic
• Basic computer skills
• Able to interpret and carry out work based on instructions
• Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills