Electronics Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 9, 2017

Interviews need to be successful from both ends. As in, from the candidate’s and the interviewer’s. What does this mean?

Well, if you are satisfied with the answers that you have provided to an interviewer (and the interviewer isn’t), that is only half the battle won right?

What about the other half? Can you possibly know what the interviewer is thinking? Nope. You cannot help here unless of course you prepare your interview appearance in a way that is acceptable to the interviewer!

How do you do this?

You research the company (and possibly the interviewer) to determine what is most important to them. And then prepare your answers accordingly. A set of interview questions and answers is provided below for you to go through:


Electronics Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What skills do you possess that make you an excellent contender to work as an electronics technician with our company?
I possess fundamental knowledge of electrical and electronic systems, along with deep insight into handling installation, calibration and testing of components, equipment and units. In addition to this, I am great at basic schematic reading and possess exceptional troubleshooting and repairing abilities.

As an electronics technician, what have been your work responsibilities in the past?
I have been actively involved in laying out, building, testing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying developmental and production electronic components and parts. Additionally, I have been responsible for adjusting, calibrating, aligning and modifying circuitry and components, and recording effects on unit performances. Also, I was responsible for writing technical reports and developing charts and graphs to illustrate assigned systems’ operating characteristics and deviations.

What is the one skill that you have to offer that you are really proud of?
I am great with troubleshooting. Since a large part of my work is to handle and fix problems with electronic equipment, this skills comes in handy at a great level.

Tell us of a few tools of the trade that you are comfortable with.
Bench lathes, drills, coils, terminal boards and chassis are just some of the tools that I work well with.

As far as work safety is concerned, what precautions do you take?
Working as an electronics technician means that one has to work around fumes and moving equipment parts, so one has to be careful. I make sure that I wear all assigned protective gear and follow safety instructions and protocols.

Have you ever worked in a leadership role?
Recently, I was commissioned to train, mentor and guide a group of 5 apprentices, which is where I was able to prove my leadership abilities.