6 Auto Body Repair Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 23, 2022

Mostly, interviews are short but intense sessions that are specially designed to gauge the worth of an applicant.

However, they can also be long ones, especially if the interviewer feels that it is worth scratching the surface and bringing out more. You should be prepared for both types.

Your answers should be honest and direct – and concise. And your attitude must be positive, as the interviewer is not only interested in your book knowledge, but also in you as a human being.

So give him or her both your professional and personal side, making him feel that you are the only contender who is worth anything.

For an auto body repair technician job, here is a set of interview questions (with answers), that you can expect to be asked:

Auto Body Repair Technician Interview Questions and Answers

1. Before you started working as an auto body repair technician, what were you doing professionally?

I did an extensive apprenticeship before I embarked on this journey. I assisted auto body painters and technicians in performing their work and learned all the tricks of both trades.

2. What made you choose auto body repair work instead of painting work?

I believe that one should do what one excels at. During my apprenticeship, I concluded that repair work was more down my alley than painting auto body parts. And here I am!

3. What does teamwork mean to you?

In this line of work, no one can work alone. Teamwork is of great importance. Body repair technicians, body painters, and engine technicians all have to work together to complete a restoration project.

4. If you were asked to provide help with a paint job, what would you do?

If my schedule allows it and my supervisor gives permission, I would not hesitate in saying yes.

5. What was the most difficult auto body repair work that you have done so far?

I was assigned to repair the body of a badly rusted VW Beetle. At first glance, I was convinced that it was a lost case. After much insistence from the customer and many days of hard labor, I managed to bring it into a near-perfect condition. This was the hardest project I have been assigned up till now!

6. How do you feel about challenges?

My creative juices get flowing at the sight of a challenge. I welcome them with an open mind. In fact, if there isn’t a challenge involved, the work does get a tad boring and mundane.