Floor Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on November 29, 2014

Floor managers work in many industries, their main job being the management of the floor that they are assigned to. They are generally responsible for the smooth operations of the floor that comes under their supervision; large retail environments and hotels hire as many floor managers as there are floors to manage so that each one of them can work in a dedicated manner.

As an important part of the retail world, floor managers greet customers, order stock, handle inventory and ensure the general upkeep of the floor that they are responsible for. They create schedules for staff and delegate work duties to them along with making sure that each staff member is working according to his job description. They also monitor purchase orders and ensure that proper invoices have been generated. Another part of their work includes making certain that customers are handled properly and that payment procedures are run smoothly.

Successful floor managers generally have exceptional planning and time management skills – these are the skills that they are primarily judged on during an interview for this position. They should be able to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds as they come across a variety of customers during their workday. In a floor manager role, here is what you will be doing on a typical day at work:

Sample Job Description for Floor Manager Resume

• Direct staff before each shift begins and provide them with an overview of the day’s work

• Create and hand out tasks for staff keeping in mind each staff member’s individual abilities and limitations

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the floor and ensure that a retail representative is assigned to them

• Conduct customer flow assistance and assist customers with their choices and questions

• Intervene in situations requiring decision making and / or arbitration

• Provide staff members with detailed information on how to handle tricky situations while maintaining decorum

• Coordinate window display activities with sales and marketing departments – create aesthetically pleasing and attractive window displays

• Assist staff in promoting positive customer experiences for all customers

• Provide support to staff during shift changeovers and work delegation activities

• Promote safety standards and procedures on the floor by providing detailed information of company policies and protocols to staff members

• Handle stock rotation and acquisition activities and manage inventory

• Convene team meetings to provide staff members with new information or build up on existing information

• Interview, hire and train new employees to work on the floor

• Keep abreast of payment activities; make sure that cash machine is balanced after each shift and manage any discrepancies on priority

• Arrange for customers’ purchases to be delivered to them

• Take and resolve complaints and suggestions from customers