Auto Body Repair Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 20, 2021

Cover letters are great secret revealers – they tell everything about you, even those things that you do not intend to tell.

How is that?

Well, anything that one writes is almost always reflective of their individuality and personality.

In the case of a cover letter, it is both your professional and personal side that is being highlighted.

Writing a cover letter to apply for an auto body repair technician job is necessary.

Since both your reputation as a viable candidate and a good communicator are at risk, you have to do exceptionally well in a cover letter.

What counts as a well-written cover letter?

The definition of a good cover letter may vary depending on who is writing it, and the person who is reading it.

Since a cover letter is a means of reaching out to a prospective employer, you have to bring yourself at par with his or her level, rather than expecting that he or she will come to yours.

Make your cover letter a great storyteller and you can almost guarantee yourself an interview opportunity.

Tip: Write your cover letter with a lot of attention and effort.

Take a look at the following cover letter sample for reference:

Auto Body Repair Technician Cover Letter Sample

Steven Bigg
524 Sherbrooke Street
Hawthorne, NY 14211
(000) 888-4154

October 20, 2021

Mr. Ryan Bose
Hiring Manager
Aramark Automobiles
122 Gene Street
Hawthorne, NY 85858

Dear Mr. Bose:

Having worked as an auto body technician for over 5 years hasn’t dimmed my enthusiasm for the job. In fact, I have been working diligently to update my qualifications so that I can make good use of auto repair equipment and tools. I aim to satisfy my customers – which is why I have been successful in creating long-term relationships with them, resulting in increased business opportunities.

Through my work as an auto body technician over the years, I have developed expertise in the following areas:

• Conferring with customers to determine their specific requirements for repairs on their vehicles.
• Checking automobiles for defects and malfunctions by thoroughly going through body components and parts.
• Rebuilding bodies of both diesel and petrol-fueled cars, with a special focus on ensuring quality work and timeliness.

There is a lot more that I have to offer as an auto body technician if hired at Aramark Automobiles. I will be in touch with you after a few days to answer your questions. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 888-4154 if you need additional information.


Steven Bigg