Field Inspector Resume Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2018

One of the main reasons that a resume is required by hiring managers is that it is a complete block of information.

And to arrange the information in your resume correctly, you may take a look at the following sample:




Field Inspector Resume Example



Nancy Cooper

586 Green Street, Rapid City, DE 19383
(000) 999-2054 | [Email]


Field inspector with over 7 years of experience of working in the arena. Demonstrated ability to perform visual inspections of assigned properties, and provide reporting services to managers. Competent in overseeing the construction quality and condition of the property, to ensure compliance with contract documents. Effectively able to document quality-related issues, that may result in non-conformance. Proven ability to review and recommend amendments to bylaws, and departmental regulations.


Procedures Development Property Inspections Visuals Capturing
Report Writing Recommendations Risk Analysis
Collateral Inspections Progress Monitoring Delinquency Examinations
Occupancy Oversight Estimations Materials Oversight

• Implemented an inspection strategy, which was considered less intrusive, and more efficient in determining property features.
• Introduced a report writing system, which proved to be 65% less cumbersome to navigate than the one already in place.
• Devised a property risk analysis system, resulting in providing exceptionally well-placed and accurate results.
• Successfully handled inspections on 13 sites in one day, following a tight deadline.


Field Inspector
Alliance Inspection Management, Rapid City, DE | 2011 – Present

• Oversee assigned properties’ conditions, and construction management, and make correlating notes.
• Compose daily inspection reports, and prepare location maps as instructed.
• Ascertain that graded materials are of the right thickness via depth checks.
• Take photographs of properties in their present conditions, and present them to the management.
• Provide valuations, inspections, and property preservation services, as assigned by the supervisor.
• Prepare evidence for presentation to arbitrary authorities, representing the company commission.
• Review and recommend amendments to bylaws, and company regulations, regarding property loans.
• Handle appraisals of assigned properties, outlining any issues or problems in a time-efficient manner.

Field Inspector Assistant
Skye Tech, Rapid City, DE | 2007 – 2011

• Provided support for creating and maintaining a list of properties to be assessed.
• Assisted field inspectors on their tours, by locating assigned properties, and handling related logistics.
• Took photographs of designated properties, and ensured that they were filed properly.
• Assisted in managing property preservation work, including identifying the need to change locks, and shutting off water supplies.
• Handled minor maintenance duties on assigned properties, as instructed by the field inspector.

St. James’ High School, Rapid City, DE
High School Diploma