Sample Cover Letter for Integration Aide

Updated on May 23, 2018

Although good at the job applying for, candidates often find themselves blank when facing the task of cover letter writing. If you need to write a cover letter for an integration aide position and are facing a similar situation, we offer help!

Cover letter writing is effortless if you do it systematically. Just begin drafting your first paragraph by communicating which position you are interested in and why.

Think up a catchy beginning line to hook the reader. Then move on to the next paragraph which will be the main body of the letter.

Relate your skills to the position in question here. Be concise and remember the letter’s total length must be less than a single page. In the last paragraph, communicate some interest and ask for an interview. Close effectively so that your cover letter leaves a lingering positive impression.

Look at the example below to get a clear idea.


Integration Aide Cover Letter Sample 2
Integration Aide Resume Sample


Integration Aide Cover Letter Sample


Kelly Marcus

450 Olympus Lane, San Diego, CA 45808
(008) 555-4444

May 23, 2018

Mr. Edward Frost
HR Manager
ABC Teaching Agency
822 Heavenly Horizons
San Diego, CA 45808


Dear Mr. Frost:

Having worked as an integration aide for 4+ years at a well-reputed institute, my skills in the field have become much polished. I strongly believe the blend of experience and expertise could be effectively utilized at ABC Teaching Agency.

Following is a brief snapshot of the strengths I would bring in the capacity of an integration aide:

• Adept at developing individual learning and behavior plans as per school policy
• Well versed in liaising with teachers and parents
• Exceptional ability to communicate with and relate to children, resulting in remarkable rapport building
• Trained in assisting the teacher and facilitating special needs children in mainstream
• Knowledge of psycho-social factors associated with special education

Since at ABC Teaching Agency you have a well-structured record keeping system, I’d like to draw your attention towards my proven ability to maintain activity and progress record files updated and neatly displayed.

My resume is also enclosed with this letter for your perusal. If you have any queries, please feel free to call me at the number mentioned below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Kelly Marcus

(008) 555-4444