Paraprofessional Skills List for Resume

Updated on: October 19, 2015

If you think that you can write a resume without mentioning your skills in it, you are wrong. A resume that does not show off a skills section is considered an incomplete one. To understand why this is important, you have to first understand the role of the resume. Resumes are considered candidate profiles. They need to incorporate everything that the candidate is about. So if your education and experience are important, why aren’t your skills?

Where you place skills in your resume depends on the type of resume that you are writing. If you are writing a skills-based resume, it only makes sense to place the skills section right after the resume objective or summary of qualifications.

Let us now come to the part where we determine how to actually write skills in a resume. While there is no one proper way of listing skills, there are certain protocols that you need to follow. If you are skilled in teaching, you cannot simply write skilled in teaching. It is obvious that you are so you need to make your sentence more eloquent for the hiring manager to understand what skills you have exactly that will help you teach effectively.

Here is a list of skills for a paraprofessional resume to make you understand how to write them in your own resume:

Paraprofessional Skills List for Resume

• Hands-on experience in providing assistance with individualized instruction through well-placed instructional strategies
• Skilled in effectively applying methods for enhancing students’ working knowledge of core concepts
• Excellent skills in recognizing, describing and reporting student behavior and academic progress
• Unmatched ability to impart instruction at the student’s level of comprehension
• Proficient in using a variety of technological tools to communicate with students and provide them with information on complex topics
• Adept at recognizing patterns of human development and benchmarks that are typically achieved at different ages
• Demonstrated expertise in designing and using age-appropriate materials for instructional enforcement
• Documented success in establishing positive relationships with students to promote student self-esteem
• Proven ability to mediate student conflicts and handle behavior management duties
• Qualified to use appropriate strategies and techniques to provide dedicated instructional support
• Able to effectively conduct small group and individualized instruction as part of the class instruction program
• Special talent for assisting teachers with planning and organizing instructional activities and developing classroom procedures
• Track record of demonstrating awareness of and respect for diversity amongst students
• Proven record of applying disciplinary directives in an impartial and consistent manner