Assistant Store Manager Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for an Assistant Store Manager’s Resume is written in anticipation of a position advertised in a newspaper or another source.

A standard cover letter will require a candidate to write information pertinent to his or her skills and qualifications that are relevant to the Assistant Store Manager’s job description provided by employer in the advertisement. Your letter needs to complement the enclosed resume i.e. do not copy the content of your resume because it will diminish the credibility of your job application.


Assistant Store Manager Cover Letter Sample


7736 Jeslen Ct
Groton, NY 66363

September 14, 2013

Ms. Amy Hathaway
Hiring Manager
7373 County Road
Groton, NY 02020


Dear Ms. Hathaway:

I am writing this letter as an expression of interest for the position of an Assistant Store Manager at K-Mart. My passion of providing the perfect retail experience to customers and a strong eye for visual merchandizing deem me an excellent candidate for this position.

Due to my hands-on experience in store management, I am well versed in all phases of Store Operations and able to ensure that store’s standards and expectations are met within strict deadlines. I am able to execute novel business plans to deliver desired sales and profit while maintaining good quality Customer Service. I addition, I have a solid track record of recruiting, training and developing personnel, as well as maintaining stockroom and merchandise.

I am positive that I have the capabilities to perform the job duties that this position demands. I am available at (414) 000-4444 if you would like to get in touch with me and I intend to call your office after two weeks to set an interview date. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person as well.

Thank you for your kind consideration.



John Mann

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