Sunday School Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 21, 2019

How to Write a Sunday School Teacher Cover Letter?

Customize the content to their needs

Cover letter writing is an excellent platform to let the employer know that you offer all that they require.

Use the opportunity wisely by highlighting your most relevant strengths and accomplishments.


Tell about your experience

Show them that you have worked in the same or related position before, and how this work experience will help you contribute to the prospective company.

Proactively schedule an interview

Show your interest and schedule a meeting at the convenience of the employer or mention your intention of doing the same and then follow up after a couple of days.


The following is a Sunday School Teacher cover letter sample for your guidance.


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Sunday School Teacher Cover Letter Example


Angeline David
12 Space Street, Corvallis, OR 22255
(000) 652-8547

June 21, 2019

Mr. John Denver
Director Sunday school
Community Church
27th Kryon Avenue
Corvallis, OR 54754


Dear Mr. Denver:

Could Community Church use a Sunday school teacher who:

– Has teaching experience at the elementary level?

– Can lead volunteers in conducting faith activities?

Your advertisement entails precisely what my resume offers:

• Proven skills in professionally handling and educating small and large groups of students from varied age groups.

• Complete knowledge of rules, objectives, syllabus, and curriculum of faith.

• Demonstrated leadership qualities by working with a team of more than 50 teachers at Saint Mary’s Elementary School.

• Pleasant, cordial and delightful personality.
Highly supportive and considerate towards children.

During my 6+ years of experience as an educator and elementary school teacher, I motivated and guided my students towards values and inculcated them a spirit of peace and love. I offer the same zeal and passion to the Community Church in the capacity of a Sunday School Teacher.

I would welcome the opportunity of meeting you personally to discuss my qualifications further. I will call your secretary next Monday to set up an interview date and time. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Angeline David

(000) 652-8547

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